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What do you think?

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     What do you think?

Saddam Hussein has been hung.

We got the wrong guy.

He was tried for the murders of 148 Kurds. This is a horrible crime, but he was killing his enemy...that was his justification.

I guess I'm just baffled.....I don't see much difference in President Bush senior or W being any different. Killing their 'enemy'.

Just in this war that was started under lies just to get daddy's enemy....our government has killed over 100,000 men women and children Iraqi civilians. Innocents.

I guess I'm having a problem with the whole right and wrong thing. I see President Bush as a dictator.

Our men and women are fighting for what? Please remind me why they are dying?

We still don't have the men responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Not seeing a difference in Saddam and W to tell you the truth.

Any thoughts?

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What do you think?
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