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Favourite Fish or Seafood

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Favourite Fish or Seafood

I and a fair few neighbours all have a freezer full right now with enough fish to start a new lake. Let me tell ye bhoys that a piece of haddock I have just now after eaten was the best tasting fish I can recall; And so I have concluded with almost no study at all, that winter fish (contray to popular belief, a belief I understand is popular) is the best fish to eat. The flesh (steady now) of winter fish caught cold is firmer and smoother, flakier, nicer, better, batter, it's fecking good like. This is because the cold bites into the fish and with the fish naturally eating a bit less in winter (except for Christmas when they bee have like mucs in cac) and with them also getting knocked about a lot more by the raging (fuming, angry, pished off) sea, freeing even more poisons and pollutants and any of the auld germs out, and so a lass called Yorack (skinny her she was but kind hearted) winter fish has to be an even a better time to eat fish.

A nice bit of cod is a many a favourite here, and to be fair to the old man of the chipper, there are few fish that can take a battering like it; for the sheer variety of sauces cod blends with, there is none better than the old Irish favourite.

Shame then that cod is getting as rare as a white tooth in England. Forecast warnings suggest that there will be no fish in the seas at all within a generation, all because humons, (in reality average as daft as a fecking donkey foal, but unlike the average mature ass, humons continue convinced (despite all obvious contray evidence) of special status category creatures and remain assumptive, convinced with no logic what so ever of power over the earth and seas, them boings) have trashed the seas.

There is feck all ye can do about that, a dead field takes years to come back, no one knows how long a dead sea will take! They have not got a fecking clue, make it up as they go along, proud of their newest big new word, and so the moral is, to eat up as much fish as ye can and salt the rest. Try smoke some, but for fecks sake use a filter.

Do ye know them old stone huts on the Dingle peninsula? well some of them ye know are not what many think they are at all, some are in fact, only smart as feck ancient fish smoking huts; the auld fish ye see, banned by brehon law (way ahead of its time) from smoking, would meet in them to carry on enjoying their filthy habit. A monks ( some say ancient monks built the huts) habit is another story itself.

What is your favourite fish or seafood.

By the way be very carefull of sourcing fish fingers from along the North Eastern coast of Ireland, why? I will tell ye fecking why, our neighbours (the Sasserknackers) ye see, enjoy pumping their radio active waste (of which despite their brainiacs claims of safety (all the while ignoring Billionaire charity worker (genuine lover and sponsor of the poor) Bono's stamp out Sellafield appeals), they in reality have about as much knowledge of the long term effects of all this shite in the sea, as the Scots Irish have a credible history pre circa 1970, (to be fair now that is at least a fine language, surely the finest language to learn. Where as learning a real new languages ye need a good ear, for scots irish ye only need a straight face) into the Irish sea.

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Favourite Fish or Seafood
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