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Orange order get grant from Irish tax payers

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Orange order get grant from Irish tax payers

The Orange order is a sectarian fraternity opposed [often violently] to Irish independence [the democratic wish of the vast majority in Ireland].
The Orange order is Pro [often violently] a undemocratic continued political role for the British crown government in Ireland.
Historically the Orange order has promoted and used Terrorism, to enforce its views on the majority of Irish who oppose them and to regularly terrorize Irish communities.
The Orange order is a anti Irish Roman Catholic [often violently] group who base their views in myths and racism.
All the more shock then that the Orange order is a set to receive almost 250,000 euros in funding from the Irish tax payer courtesy of the Irish government.
This grant to Orange order will shock Irish people who consider Orange men as out dated bigots who glory in the most basic racism and sectarianism.
The Irish government giving a grant to the Orange Order is the equivalent of the British government giving a grant to a openly anti British monarchy and anti Protestant secret organization.
Irish people are sick of these bigoted groups, but O'Cuiv seems to want to encourage intolerance and hatred based upon ignorant myths and racism.
O'Cuiv thinks he knows better than
Top UK Judge, Lord Kingarth, who decided that the phrases used to describe the Orange Order, as "sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist" were fair comments on that organisation.
Harold Wilson the ex Prime Minister of Britain was reported to have used the phrase quasi facists about the people involved with the Order.
The Church of Ireland clergyman and Peace campaigner Rev. David Armstrong called the Orange Order a tribe of bigots with nothing to offer the people of Ireland.
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Orange Order gets Republic of Ireland funds BBC
A company set up by the Orange Order is receiving almost 250,000 euros in funding from the Irish government.
The Republic's first substantial grant to the organisation is being made by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.
The minister of the department is Eamon O'Cuiv - grandson of former taoiseach and famous republican Eamon de Valera.
The money will be paid out over the next two years in counties Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan and Monaghan.
It will go to a company, Cadelmo Ltd, set up to support an initiative in the border counties to promote and organise the Orange institution in the Republic.
The funding will support the work of a development officer and will also be available for the repair and refurbishment of Orange halls.

"A number of Orange halls in rural areas have been attacked in recent times, activities I totally deplore, so I am delighted to be in a position to provide funding," Mr O'Cuiv said.
He added that he hoped the funding would encourage higher levels of participation by Orange Order members in the wider community in the area.
"Coming from the tradition I come from the aim always was that people living on this island would live in mutual respect and peace", he said.

Drew Nelson, grand secretary of the Orange Order, welcomed the funding.
"Our members in the Republic are much more willing now to engage with civic society," Mr Nelson said.
"Prior to this, I would have noticed that their way of survival for the last three or four generations has been to keep their heads down, don't put your head above the parapet, don't engage with the administration in the Republic.
"A change has come about in their attitude - there's much more confidence."

This public funding of cultural and religious division, and in particular any money to a fraternity that professes loyalty to a foreign crown, will come as a shock to most Irish people.
Many Irish people view the Orange order as a 'past their sell by date sectarian bigots', with no role in the 21st century Ireland, or future.
There is no doubt that vast majority of Irish people in Ireland, including our young generation, hold a very dim view of this order.
Academics have written extensively on the real origin and purpose of the order. Recent studies highlight the British and Irish-British land owning classes control of the order, how the working class Orange mobs in the past[often alcohol fuelled], both recent and historic, were used to terrorize Irish natives and keep division alive.
The historic orchestration of the Order by the British state is also well documented, seen in the calculated and often cynical promotion and proscribing of marches as and when need arose in Ireland historically.

Indeed many Irish people consider the triumphant and blatant sectarian nature of the Orange walks to be the catalyst for the recent troubles. History shows that the Orange lodge purposely chose certain routes to cause offence, Dolly's Brae being the most notable.
This perception of the Orange order being sectarian anti Irish RC is not limited to Ireland. In a trial for defamation involving the Rt Hon. George Galloway MP, in 2004, Top UK Judge, Lord Kingarth, decided that the phrase which Mr Galloway had used to describe the Orange Order, as "sectarian, anti-Catholic,
Protestant-supremacist" was fair comment on that organisation

Harold Wilson the ex Prime Minister of Britain was reported to have used the phrase quasi facists about the people involved with the Order. Also noting their "strange devotion to a long-dead Dutchman"
After Church of Ireland clergyman, Rev. David Armstrong, had offered sympathy to the local Catholic priest and his congregation after a Catholic church in Limavady, County Derry was badly damaged in a bombing by loyalist paramilitaries. After he attended the re-opening of the Catholic church, Armstrong was subjected to a campaign of harassment from local "protestant bigots" including death threats. The Rev believed the Orange lodge as behind it all and called them bigots.

Police officers will be banned from joining the Orange Order under a new code of conduct to root out “unethical” behaviour.
The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) has drawn up a code of conduct that dictates how staff should behave on and off duty.
Under the charter, which is due to come into force later this year, officers will be warned not to join groups or engage in activities that could tarnish the reputation of their force, or leave them open to blackmail or accusations of impropriety.
Sources involved in drawing up the code say membership of sectarian groups such as the Orange Order and extreme political parties including the British National party will not be tolerated.

1.Dolly's Brae was an exclusively Irish Catholic village, and the Orange Order had never marched through it before. The government had been warned that in 1849 the Orange Lodge had decided to use this route and, in anticipation of the likelihood of trouble in Dolly's Brae, they sent a company of dragoons, additional police, and magistrates to the village. They allowed the march to go ahead, however. The march through Dolly's Brae on the morning of the twelfth was peaceful, even though the Orangeman were described as being "armed to the teeth" and they sang anti-Catholic songs as they passed through the village.
In the afternoon, the Orange lodges from the surrounding areas met at the estate of Lord Roden in Castlewellan, and, after giving them whiskey, he urged them to "do their duty as loyal, Protestant men." About 1,500 Orangemen returned through Dolly's Brae in the evening.
By this stage, about 500 Catholics had gathered in the village, armed with muskets or pikes. The conflict was triggered by the firing of a single gunshot by an Orangeman, although later reports attributed it to the Catholic side. The fighting was swift and brutal, but the military and constabulary initially did not get involved in the conflict or attempt to stop it. By the time they did intervene, ten houses and the Catholic Church had been burnt to the ground. Five Catholics also had been killed and nine others badly wounded. The dead included Hugh King, a 10-year-old boy who died of gunshot wounds, and Anne Taylor, an-85-year-old woman, whose death was caused by her skull being struck with a blunt instrument. Thirty-five Irish were arrested, but no Orangemen.
The incident at Dolly's Brae quickly became embedded in unionist mythology as a significant victory of Protestantism over Catholicism. Lord Roden was proclaimed the hero of the day.

3. A long-term consequence of the incident at Dolly's Brae was the passing of a Party Processions Act in 1850 that banned the July 12th marches in Ireland. This legislation had only limited success. Some marches continued to be held and in 1857, 1864, and 1867 they were accompanied by violent sectarian fighting. On each occasion, the police, the military, and the government proved reluctant to intervene to stop the parades, even though they were illegal. Instead, in 1872 the marches were again made legal as a way of appeasing Orangemen in Ireland.

2.His autobiography, I'm Not The Only One, was published on 28 April 2004. The book's title is a quotation from "Imagine" by John Lennon. Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram applied for an interim interdict to prevent the book's publication. Ingram asserted that Galloway's text, which stated that Ingram "played the flute in a sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist Orange Order band", was in bad faith and defamatory, although Ingram's lawyers conceded that for a year as a teenager he had been a member of a junior Orange Lodge in Barlanark, Glasgow, and had attended three parades. The Judge, Lord Kingarth, decided that he should refuse to grant an interim interdict, that the balance of the arguments favoured Galloway's publisher and that the phrase "sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist" was fair comment on that organisation. Although Ingram was not and never had been a flute-player, the defending advocate observed that "playing the flute carries no obvious defamatory imputation ... it is not to the discredit of anyone that he plays the flute." The judge ruled that Ingram should pay the full court costs of the hearing.

4. In 1845, the British government decided to make the marches legal again. This decision coincided with a period of nationalist activity aimed at ending the union with Britain. Protestants in Ireland again felt that they were under threat by the Catholic population and, after 1845, Orange marches resumed, but on a larger scale than ever before.
Quotes to the news Orange order get grant from Irish tax payers
Eamon O'Cuiv could have saved his money by just spitting in our faces.

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Orange order get grant from Irish tax payers
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