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The Ireland ideas campaign

       The Ireland ideas campaign The Ireland ideas campaign Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     The Ireland ideas campaign

The Ideas Campaign is about asking people for ideas to stimulate economic activity. It is challenging people in Ireland to be innovative and creative and to play their part in planning this country’s economic recovery.
We’re looking for ideas to:
* Preserve and grow employment
* Stimulate activity across key areas of the economy
* Make it easier to do business in Ireland

Our campaign motto is simple - no whinging. The Ideas Campaign wants people to be positive, to think about the solutions and not the problems. We want people to draw from their own experiences to identify how Ireland can emerge from this recession and, particularly, compete on the world stage and earn export revenues.

The Ideas Campaign also wants to ensure that everyone understands more about the serious issues that affect the economy. But we want this to be in a language that you understand and in terms that relate to your lives and to those of your family and friends.

Not everyone will want to post an idea on this site. And that’s fine with us. But we’d still like you to be involved. Simply leave a message of support on the site, read the content and check back for regular updates.
Brian Cowen
Taoiseach’s statement about campaign

Commenting on the launch of the Ideas Campaign during the week, the Taoiseach Mr Brian Cowen TD, said today (Sunday 8th March 2009):
“I got a briefing from Aileen O’Toole on this campaign during the week and it’s just the type of ‘new thinking’ that’s needed right now.
“Last weekend, I spoke of the current need for a ‘Meitheal Mentality’ - helping each other out when the job needs to be done. This is a perfect example of it.
“Ireland needs the combined wisdom of its people focussed positively on solutions at this stage - a fantastic resource if it could be harnessed.
“I meet people every day who want to contribute practical ideas to help Ireland overcome the severe economic challenges that face the country.
“This independent and non political campaign provides the ideal channel for those ideas.
“I will ensure that ideas emerging through the screening by the Independent Advisory Council overseeing the initiative, will be fast-tracked to the Cabinet sub-committee on Economic Renewal for assessment and implementation, where appropriate.
“I encourage anyone with an idea however small or large to submit it right away.”

Best ideas so far
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The Ireland ideas campaign
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