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Stop the free hand outs to foreign nationals

       Stop the free hand outs to foreign nationals Stop the free hand outs to foreign nationals Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Stop the free hand outs to foreign nationals

Only Ireland is stupid enough to pay foreign non- nationals welfare benefit for their children that do not even reside here in Ireland.
This government expects us the native Irish to accept cutbacks. We did not vote them in to subsidize the children of foreign nationals who chose to come here. We never demanded any foreign nationals come here. Why should the Irish tax payer subsidize any foreign national.

Dermot Ahern and other Irish Politicians argue we owe the immigrants.
Why do we owe any immigrant a single thing?
Immigrants came to Ireland of their own free will. Immigrants noticed that Ireland was, and is still, a country without a social economic plan designed primarily for its own native population. Immigrants came to take advantage of a free for all.
Immigrants have enriched the business owners pockets, but the fact is, they have taken from the pocket of the average Irish citizen and they are still taking.
Over 20% on the Dole are foreign immigrants.
Over 30% collecting rent welfare are foreign immigrants.

How can we expect much sense from Ahern or any other politician? Are their children forced to compete with adults from Eastern Europe and Asia, for a minimum wage job in a supermarket.
He and most of the politicians remain oblivious to the damage they have done. They allowed too many immigrants in too short a time period. Too many immigrants have damaged local communities all over Ireland.
Immigrants are Ireland's main problem. We can not afford this.

When these immigrants were working, most of them were on minimum wages and not paying a single cent in any tax. Most of them sent more money home than they spent in Ireland. Billions are gone and still going out of our economy, lost forever. At the same time those of us who pay tax, have to pay for the children of immigrants to over crowd our schools and limit the available resources to our own children. We have to pay millions to teach some of these immigrants English. We have to pay more millions providing translators in legal proceedings. The Garda Siochana spent almost €3 million on interpreters last year, as the number of immigrants requiring translators continued to grow

Over 20% on the Dole are foreign immigrants.
Over 30% collecting rent welfare are foreign immigrants.

These figures are indisputable facts from the government offices involved.
Take the immigrants out of the equation and Ireland will be fine.
Our free hand outs are so good, they all come here to collect dole and welfare.
This has got to stop, we can not afford to pay for non nationals and we do not want this many here anyway.
Everyone Irish I know is now anti these immigrants, they have taken us for a ride and laughing at us.

Look what the Irish government is planning, nearly all of their cuts are aimed at Irish natives.

Child benefit changes urged for foreign nationals
CHILD BENEFIT payments to foreign nationals whose children live outside the State should be reduced significantly, according to a report on social welfare fraud by an Oireachtas committee.

About 7,000 EU nationals resident in Ireland are claiming child benefit for 11,000 children living outside the State. This is projected to cost the exchequer about €20 million this year.

The report says it is “not appropriate” to pay the Irish rate of child benefit for children in other countries where the cost of living is significantly lower.

It is one of 14 cost-saving recommendations in a report by the Oireachtas Committee on Social and Family Affairs. Overall, the report says more money could be saved through tougher welfare checks and more intensive monitoring of fraud or overpayments. Its proposal include:

* A crackdown on separated fathers who do not pay child maintenance for their children. This would include ensuring a father’s name is registered on a child’s birth certificate – which is not mandatory at present – to help recovery of maintenance payments.

* A mandatory national ID card with biometric information for all citizens – similar to those other EU states – to help tackle identity fraud.

* Implementing long-standing plans to reform the lone parents allowance which would axe the “cohabitation rule” that recipients must not be living with a partner.

* More frequent monitoring of welfare schemes that are most susceptible to fraud, including the jobseekers’ allowance and lone-parent payments.

* More unannounced home visits to social welfare claimants to help tackle fraud.

The report’s author, Labour TD Róisín Shortall, said the recommendations were urgently needed given the large increases in unemployment and pressure on the public finances.

“At a time when more and more people need to avail of social welfare, we must ensure that any money lost through fraud and scams is kept to the absolute minimum, so those who really need the help can avail of it,” she said.

On the issue of reducing child benefit for children resident abroad, Ms Shortall said it was not right the payment was paid at the Irish level given the lower cost of living in many other EU countries.

“There is a huge difference in the cost of living between Ireland and other EU countries. We’re questioning the appropriateness of this. The Irish level of child benefit should be paid for children who are resident in Ireland . . . ”

Under regulations dating back to 1971, migrant employees from any member state can claim child benefit from the EU country in which they work, even if their children are living in their home country. Ms Shortall accepted that the proposal may be just “aspirational” given that the current payment arrangement is provided for under EU law.

Last year, a total of €476 million was saved through anti-fraud measures, almost €60 million behind the target of €535 million.

This year, the Department of Social and Family Affairs estimates it will save some €600 million. However, initial figures show it is already behind target.

Fianna Fáil TD Charlie O’Connor, vice-chair of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social and Family Affairs, said the recommendations had been made on a consensus basis between all parties.“We believe these actions will ultimately benefit the country economically and make it a better society for all those who live in it.”

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