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Giovanni Trapattoni Ireland soccer manager arrogant

       Giovanni Trapattoni Ireland soccer manager arrogant Giovanni Trapattoni Ireland soccer manager arrogant Information
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Brian Whelan

Sceala Philosopher
Location: Kildare

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Giovanni Trapattoni Ireland soccer manager arrogant

Trapattoni appears to be a arrogant and petty man. Apart from his huge salary, not sure why Trapattoni feels he can act this way with Ireland. One can't question that many years ago, Trapattoni was a great success as manager of a national league team.
But, Trapattoni has never been a successful international manager. The records show that Trapattoni has been a dismal failure as a international manager.
Ask Italy about Trapattoni the failure.

Too many people just accept whispers & cliches as if they are fact. The night that Irelands overpaid FAI boss Delaney signed Trapattoni, Dunphy declared his joy. On the night Giovanni Trapattoni was contracted as Ireland manager - Dunphy declared it a great day for Irish soccer.

Clearly Dunphy and Giles and Brady all just assumed that a good club manager equals a good international Manager.
Why did none of these so called experts even question the statistics that were there for anyone to examine.
These are supposed to be Soccer experts!
It seems that many of the supposed Irish soccer experts did not overlook Giovanni Trapattoni's dismal international record, the thought of checking never even occurred to them.

Trapattoni has never achieved any success as a national manager for anyone. Trapattoni was a complete disaster for his own Italy, at a time when they had some of the best players in the world. This was when Giovanni Trapattoni was at his peak, he was not great by any standards then, and now he is over 70 years of age.
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Ireland has not the largest pool of soccer players, we rely on the sons of Irish emigrants, especially in England and Scotland to make us a team to be taken seriously by anyone.
In the past Jack Charlton, showed that the Irish pool of talent and desire to play for the shirt was there to be managed with real ambition. Ireland is blessed with a huge Irish emigrant pool of talent. Ireland has a far bigger natural potential than Scotland. Ireland should have the ambition of England, we can match them, players have shown they prefer Ireland to England.
Ireland need not ever feel second rate or thankful for qualification or impressed with grit & 100% effort.
Ireland has proven this with Rugby already.
We have the skill, we need the skilled national manager, Giovanni Trapattoni will not be that person. Giovanni Trapattoni's own international record suggest it, because he is too conservative and stubborn.

So far, Giovanni Trapattoni has shown he does not have the managerial skills to get Stephen Ireland playing for us. His arrogant and petty nature has cost us other senior and established players, Stephen Reid embarrassed and Andy Reid ignored.
Instead Trapattoni plays midfielders sloggers of limited ability, players who would not be in anyone else's Irish national team.

News suggests that Trapattoni is about to cost Ireland again. James McCarthy of Wigan, if this lad is lost to Scotland who are one of the worst teams in the world. A team who played without a striker in a recent match, then it will be the last straw. Trapattoni, Crapattoni as he is already known by some, will need to go.
Ireland pays the wages of this arrogant man to work for us, give us entertainment, not to prove his limited style of play works to a degree with any side. Who cares about anti- soccer, it will never win any tournament.

News about Trapattoni.
Meanwhile, Republic of Ireland international James McCarthy is considering switching his allegiance to Scotland, according to ROI coach Giovanni Trapattoni. The Glasgow-born former Hamilton player, now at Wigan, has not yet played a competitive international and can therefore still choose to turn out for the Scots.

Trapattoni said: "McCarthy must choose. He plays for Ireland or he plays for Scotland."

Trapattoni should have played the lad by now, do what a real manager with limited resources would have done. Even if it was for a few minutes at the end of a match, just like the NI manager did recently to secure a player.
James McCarthy chose Ireland, we are told he received dogs abuse from Scottish fans for his loyalty to Ireland. Even if he was not such a talent, McCarthy should have been respected for his choice.
Giovanni Trapattoni talks like a wise old man, he likes to quote that no one bigger than team. He needs to be reminded that Giovanni Trapattoni is also not bigger than the team.
Ireland fans need to start demanding that Trapattoni does the job for Ireland properly, or get out before he makes embarrassment a habit.

Pat Dolan was spot on in his summary regarding the appointment of Giovanni Trapattoni as manager of the Irish national soccer team.

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Giovanni Trapattoni Ireland soccer manager arrogant
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