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Sean Gallagher President of Ireland

       Sean Gallagher President of Ireland Sean Gallagher President of Ireland Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Carlow

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Sean Gallagher President of Ireland

I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Sean Gallagher, and more than once . He is and always has been a genuine Irish man from regular Irish stock. Intelligent and hard working, hard headed and plain speaking but always respectful and honorable, a Irish patriot.
Definitely getting my vote.
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Sean Gallagher
Speaking on behalf of young people and mental health problems in Ireland.

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Sean Gallagher President of Ireland, regular Irish man who worked for his success. Just what we need.

Irish Community Video

Sean Gallagher from the Dragons Den (Ireland) was in Shannonside Fm on the current affairs show, when running out the door I asked him to invest in some of my ideas .
I have to say he was one of the nicest guys I've met, very down to earth and up for the craic.

Statement from Seán Gallagher re: upcoming Presidential Election
(01 May 2011)

Statement: Re Presidential Election

“The current challenges facing the country need to be tackled by addressing the key issues of enterprise and job creation, developing a sense of national confidence and restoring our reputation internationally, while continuing to develop an inclusive society”
“People I believe are looking for our next President to be relevant to the current challenges facing the country. Just as Mary Robinson’s Presidency was about inclusion and bringing people in from the margins and reaching out to the Irish Diaspora and Mary McAleese’s Presidency has been about building bridges between North and South and Ireland and the UK, I believe the focus and the theme of the next Presidency should be about getting Ireland back to work, restoring our confidence at home and our reputation abroad.”
“In being relevant to these challenges, I believe our next President should help lead the national drive for economic recovery and more importantly, job creation. People I work with in every sector of our society and every corner of our island, in business and community groups tell me that there is a real need for leadership and I believe that our next President could and should play a key role in this drive.”

Time for change
“In response to the current challenges facing the country, I have decided to give serious consideration to the consistent calls to me, from people in business, community organisations, and disability groups, with whom I work with, to offer myself as an Independent candidate, with a clear understanding of what is needed to help rebuild our country.”
“I have already begun the process of meeting with members of the Oireachtas. I’m happy to have received support from Independent Senator Feargal Quinn for my potential candidacy and I believe he shares my vision for the type of Presidency that the country needs at this time. I am currently meeting with other Oireachtas members to discuss this. In parallel with this I will seek the advice of people in all walks of life, including the areas of enterprise and job creation, disability and community, the three areas that I spend my time working in.”
“While there are many who question the value of the office of President, in our economic climate, I believe that the office could be used constructively to address these very challenges. In that context I will give serious consideration to running for President and will make that decision known in the coming weeks.”

About Sean Gallagher the next President of Ireland
Sean Gallagher is a speaker and entrepreneur who is best known as an investor on RTE’s Dragon’s Den. He is founder and former CEO of Ireland's largest home technology company, Smarthomes.

As an entrepreneur Sean understands the challenges of setting up and growing a successful business in Ireland and was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006.

He is a Board member of InterTradeIreland, the North South Trade body, FÁS the National Training and Employment agency as well as the Drogheda Port Company.

Sean is a passionate supporter and campaigner for entrepreneurs and small business owners. He believes that they will play a crucial role in the revival of Ireland's economy and the creation of much needed employment. Sean currently spends much of his time giving motivational talks to aspiring or early stage entrepreneurs. He has spoken to hundreds of groups and is also a regular contributor in the media and at seminars and conferences on personal success, business and entrepreneurship.

Sean Gallagher is for Ireland and the Irish, a genuine patriot of Irish people. Unlike that chancer David Norris born with a whole silver tea set in his mouth and makes out he is some kind of working mans socialist.

Sean is Irish and nothing else, not slightly Irish with a bit of a secret hankering for being a British unionist. He does not have some pathetic outdated secret desire/plan for getting Ireland back into the British commonwealth. Or in David Norris case, a history of campaigning for British unionism in Ireland.

Old Victorians like Norris do not understand modern Ireland, unionism has no future in Ireland, even if the UK was not in as bad if not worse shape than we are.
The real world has as many eastern Europeans and Africans in Ireland now as unionists. They are the real and main minority we need to work with in the future as one Irish people, not the small minority of die hard never never British unionists. The old landed gentry types like the Norris family, as he admitted himself, were more British than Irish. They would still have Ireland under empire, and ordinary Irish as second class citizens in Ireland, if they could. They won't because they are outdated and out of touch with reality.
My opinion based firmly on Norris past actions, not his current side shiftings and claims.

Definitely be voting for Sean Gallagher, like Paddy in Oz I do not think Norris is a fitting person for the role. But unlike Paddy, I can't stomach Norris, never could. Norris epitomizes the wealthy chancers in this country. I would rather we had one of those goats they crown In Kerry than Norris. He is a British Unionist and English Queen lover. During the campaign for President he will tone down his true colors, pretend he is not a unionist - just go look at his track record.
Could not care about Norris being gay, his private life should have nothing to do with any of it. I do have a problem with his serial attempts at using his sexual preference to advance his own personal cause.
He has done this and very often in the past. Heard him proudly selling the gay and peoples champion in one sentence on RTE recently - he claimed - that one old Irish man was not going to vote for him, but not because Norris was gay but because he was too left wing. Left wing millionaire, get a grip Norris you chancer.
Stop the poor gay me tag, this is 2011, no one cares anymore.
Stop the Irish peoples champion because you are not and have never been.
Anyone who votes for Norris just because he is gay is as ignorant as those who would not vote for him because he is gay. His private sexuality is totally irrelevant, problem with Norris is that he uses his sexuality as public property. And that is wrong and as claimed by others - this would make him a joke of a President.
I am another scared that Norris may actually get votes just because he is gay and shouts loud. Nothing would surprise me in Ireland anymore.
We have so much apathy in Ireland today. Some of the youth and tv addicts would believe all his self promoted hype.
Norris being gay or not gay is not applicable, Norris is a pro unionist chancer, born into wealth and privilege and remains a very wealthy chancer. Most recently salaried and over compensated by us for talking a load of useless hot air in the senate.

Ireland like never before needs a genuine hard headed patriot, not a posh poet who thinks more about James Joyce than just deals for Irish people and Ireland.
Irish Community Images
Vote Gallagher.
This Irish man would be taken 100% serious by who ever meets him and would bring and create jobs for Ireland.
We do not need another UN hero, or showpiece.
Ireland needs to stop acting, and start acting serious.
Sean Gallagher has the track record and has done it all as a self made man.
The jobs President, the business entrepreneur President of Ireland.
Sean Gallagher is genuinely going for this on our behalf.
None of the others so far will be.

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Sean Gallagher President of Ireland
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