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UDA terrorists invite to Dublin heartless President McAleese

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     UDA terrorists invite to Dublin heartless President McAleese

UDA terrorists have been invited to The Irish National War Memorial Gardens.
I do not think the British Queen invited the UDA. We all know that this supposed gracious and noble Queen, has never spoken out or against those who murdered in her name. Even if she had thought of it, she would have been advised to not make such hurtful invitations to British terrorists, who murdered so many innocent Irish people in her name.
This must be the heartless McAleese pair again. Like the black balloon states. President McAleese is more concerned with entertaining UDA terrorists than the Irish people. She is a disgrace.

What is the UDA doing at the The Irish National War Memorial Gardens?
The UDA are terrorists and cowards. they disgrace the memory of the brave Irish soldiers who died in the world wars.
McAleese has said that she knew very little about Irish soldiers in WW1. McAleese claims that as she was growing up, no one talked about Irish soldiers in ww1. Most will find that claim very hard to accept, but accepting it was true for her family. Unfortunately it seems that very British bias people have informed her very simple overview. She now seems to think the Irish were fighting against the Germans out of some fear of Germany, fighting a common enemy.
That is not true, not even in a general sense. Once on the battlefield yes a common enemy appeared, but that is obvious do or die of war, not the cause.

The Irish soldiers in ww1 were mostly Irish nationalists,
Irish volunteers to ensure home rule. Irish men who thought of themselves as Irish not British, these volunteers did not want to be ruled from England.
The Irish volunteers only volunteered to fight in ww1 because they were told to by a Irish leader called Redmond.
The Irish went to their deaths on a false promise of home rule that Redmond had accepted as true from the British. It was a terrible waste of Irish life, in a war that had no natural cause from Ireland or for the Irish. That senseless war of competing empires is not something to be proud of, and never to celebrate or distort for any cause.
They were not British heroes. They were regular poor young Irish men fighting because they thought their volunteering and their sacrifice would help set Ireland free.
They were lied to and their youth taken advantage of. If they are heroes then they are Irish heroes.

The British Queen being at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens is controversial enough, there are difficult aspects for many to accept. But McAleese can never explain the UDA invite, their presence is a insult to the memory of dead Irish soldiers, insult to any soldier.
The vast majority of those Irish soldiers would turn in their graves if they knew such British criminals and terrorists were around. The vast majority of Irish who fought in WW1 were Irish Nationalists Volunteers, fighting because of a promise of home rule for Ireland. These Irish volunteers were not fighting as British and were not fighting for the Queen and Britain. To state anything different is distortion and perversion of history.
There was never conscription in Ireland, any part of Ireland, north or south.
Unlike the orange order myths about a supposed unique or special sacrifice by so called loyalists /unionists and a tale promoted by Westminster and mafia crown for selfish interest.
Most Irish Volunteers from island of Ireland in WW1 and WW2 were Irish Roman Catholics
. Roman Catholics, any Roman catholic were the main target of the sectarian UDA - British Queen Loyal terrorists.

On the anniversary of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.
The Irish people have their noses rubbed in it by a selfish and heartless President. Why has she done this to the victims families?
The UDA have no place in Dublin, no place at this ceremony.
McAleese and her husband have done more for UDA terrorists than they have for ordinary Irish people.
The sight of President McAleese and her husband makes me feel sick. I am ashamed of them representing Ireland in any event.

Background to UDA British terrorists.
The UDA are terrorists, they were not soldiers of any description. They are ignorant and heartless savages and cowards who murdered mostly civilians, when not each other.

Speaking about the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.
Sammy Smyth, then press officer of both the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and the Ulster Workers' Council (UWC) Strike Committee, said:
I am very happy about the bombings in Dublin. There is a war with the Free State and now we are laughing at them

In the Troubles the UDA acted like complete cowards and gangsters not soldiers. Over 80% of the victims of the British Queens loyal terrorist group, the UDA, were ordinary Irish civilians. Men women and children murdered by the UDA for no other reason than they were suspected of being Irish Catholics.
The UDA were so keen in their sectarian and race hatred, they often guessed wrong and killed innocent non-Roman Catholics. They had no agenda but terror.

According to the Sutton database of deaths at the University of Ulster's CAIN project, the UDA/UFF was responsible for 259 killings during the Troubles. 208 of its victims were civilians (predominantly Catholics), 12 were civilian political activists (mainly members of Sinn Fein), 37 were other loyalist paramilitaries (including 30 of its own members), three were members of the security forces and 11 were republican paramilitaries. A number of these attacks were carried out with the assistance or complicity of the British Army, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, or both, according to the Stevens Enquiry, although the exact number of people killed as a result of collusion has not been revealed. The preferred modus operandi of the UDA was individual killings of civilian targets in nationalist areas.
The UDA murdered over three times as many of their own gang members than they did members of PIRA
In February 2006, the Independent Monitoring Commission reported UDA involvement in organised crime, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, extortion, money laundering and robbery.

In his book Black Sun, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke claimed that the UDA had links with Neo-Nazi groups in Britain—specifically Combat 18 (formed in 1991) and the British National Socialist Movement (formed in 1985). He claims that members of these groups helped to smuggle weapons for the UDA/UFF. Ian S Wood's book Crimes of Loyalty: A History of the UDA claims that the UDA has received backing from Combat 18, the British National Front and the British National Party. In 2006, the BBC also reported that the group has links with Combat 18.

Victims angry at visit to Dublin of these British Queen loyal terrorists.
Jude Whyte, whose mother died in a loyalist bomb, said it was important to acknowledge the damage done in NI.

Peggy Whyte was 52 years old when she was killed in a bomb, thought to have been left by the UVF, at the front of her home in University Street, Belfast in April, 1984.

Her son said: "It would be far more important in terms of peace and reconciliation that they perhaps visited the graveyards and looked at the damage their organisation did," he said.

"Their casualties and victims were unarmed civilians who were no harm to anybody.
"Try to understand the damage that the civilian population suffered here.
"You broke a lot of hearts and you maimed and murdered a lot of people. It is time to say sorry to them."

Response to the McAleese
The twisted logic that has enabled the Irish government to invite the leadership of the UDA to Dublin to witness a wreath-laying by the Queen must be condemned.
I'm appalled that few voices have been raised in objection to this disgraceful parade of the leaders of terror.

To many, the thought of Her Majesty having to lay a wreath at the memorial to those who died fighting for Irish freedom is offensive enough.

But to realise that she will later be flanked by the leadership of a murderous, terrorist organisation is disgusting. The presence of the so-called 'brigadiers' only confirms that what is right, what is decent and what is just, has been sacrificed on an altar of political expediency.

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens is an Irish war memorial in Inchicore, Dublin dedicated "to the memory of the 49,400 Irish soldiers who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914–1918", out of over 300,000 Irishmen who served in all armies. A even higher number of Irish ancestry were conscripted or volunteered into the British army in England, Scotland and Wales, estimates suggest at least a further 500,000 of Irish.

The Memorial Gardens also commemorate all other Irish men and women who at that time served, fought and died in Irish regiments of the Allied armies, the British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and United States armies in support of the Triple Entente's war effort against the Central Powers.

The McAleese have been buying off the UDA terrorists for some time.
Who paid these terrorists bills? It should be investigated?

UDA leader 'Doris' and the €30,000 Dublin party
Sunday October 09 2005
Jim Cusack
Jim gray, the east Belfast loyalist and drug trafficker known as 'Doris Day' who was murdered last week, blew €30,000 on a weekend with his friends at Dublin's plush Merrion Hotel, where his penthouse suite looked out over the Taoiseach's offices in Government Buildings.
Gray also played golf at the exclusive K Club in Co Kildare, where fellow UDA boss Jackie McDonald was hosted by President Mary McAleese's husband, Martin.

McDonald, a convicted extortionist, greeted President McAleese during her visit to a primary school in his stronghold of Taughmonagh in south Belfast last month.

It was during McDonald's visit to Aras an Uachtarain at the start of last summer that Gray and his gang also travelled to Dublin by luxury coach to stay in one of the city's most expensive hotels.
Gray and a group of his east Belfast UDA associates ran up huge bills for champagne during weekends of extraordinary indulgence. Loyalist associates said the UDA gang had a raucous weekend clubbing in some of the most expensive watering holes in the city, where they spent thousands on drink.

Jim Gray, who was shot dead outside his father's house in east Belfast on Wednesday night, went to play at the K Club after hearing about it from McDonald.

Gray controlled the UDA's drugs trade in east Belfast from a bar he part-owned on the Newtownards Road. He was arrested and jailed earlier this year after the PSNI tracked down his money laundering operations.
Two months ago word reached his associates on the outside that he was preparing to turn Queen's evidence against them and a plot to kill him was put in place. He had been on bail only a few days before he was murdered.
According to security sources in the North, the prime suspect for killing Gray is another east Belfast figure who achieved notoriety in loyalist circles for murdering UDA man Jim Craig, who was shot dead in an east Belfast pub in October 1988.
Craig was a UDA enforcer who ran its lucrative extortion rackets in Belfast. But he also associated with republican extortionists and passed information to the IRA leading to the murder of a senior figure in the rival UVF.
Three years ago Gray - who earned his 'Doris Day' sobriquet because of his tan, colourful clothes and flashy jewellery - was shot in the face by a rival faction in the UDA after he was wrongly blamed for the murder of the loyalist drug dealer Stephen Warnock.
He had to undergo reconstructive surgery and subsequently spend £11,000 on plastic surgery in a private clinic to cover up the scars.

On any of these jaunts, invites to terrorists to sample the luxury life of the McAleese.
Were the UDA terrorists paying out of their own pockets, or was McAleese personally covering? Fine if that either was the case.

Or was the partying of British terrorists and criminals paid for by Irish tax payers?

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UDA terrorists invite to Dublin heartless President McAleese
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