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Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports.

        Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports. Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports. Information
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Irish Author Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports. Sceala Irish Craic Forum Irish Message
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports.

Both the EU and especially Britain have robbed Ireland blind over the years.
Sure Ireland got something back, but the price was too high for ordinary Irish people, the real benefits went to a select few, while our national resources were sold off cheap to foreign export.
These old deals were weighted in their favor.
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Both the EU and britain (of the past) were able to corrupt a elite few to carry out their theft. These corrupted Irish puppets were like their on site managers, who made sure that Irish people were kept ignorant of options and made to feel dependent.
Made to feel as if we were getting free benefits, a great deal, when the very opposite was the reality.
As everyone knows, Westminster Govt in Britain, their Hanoverian German monarchy mafia family, just robbed Ireland for centuries, Ireland was bled dry by the agents of these Crown criminals and their bully boy gang members, just like anywhere else they could bully and bribe from Ireland to India.
During Ireland's so called famine they were forcing at the end of guns and cannons, tons and tons of foods out to Britain. Westminster Crown law made it illegal for Irish to even fish from the lakes and seas in their own land. These greedy evil bastards even laid claim to the sea and river beds.
We Irish were encouraged to fall for it by a corrupt few lackys.

But so has the EU robbed Ireland, in more recent times. Once again a few Irish farmers got rich our of the corrupt EU subsidy scams.
But Ireland has had her fishing grounds worth billions taken, our very independence and identity stolen piece meal, and by yet more Hanoverian and other European mafia bosses.

FCUK and F the EU

Times have changed, Britain is as if not more bankrupt than Ireland is, they now have the begging bowl out to where ever and who ever will give inward investment to Britain.
China owns a lot of Britain already.

The loan that the Britain supposedly gave Ireland, they got it from China.
What the bankrupt British did with their corrupt banks

Ireland needs to ensure that we deal with China direct, not let the bankrupt Britain become a middle man.

China can be Ireland's export market.

We have a similar history of abuse by Britain, so called UK. The Crown enforced a drugs war on the Chinese people. Westminster terrorists abused the Chinese and Irish people as they did Indians.

Now they beg and scrape to the bigger China and try and get the Chinese to forget all they robbed. Westminster will do their old tricks to this aim, they will corrupt a few in power to do their bidding.
Unfortunately for the FCUKD China is above all that now, they will be corrupting little broke uk, not the other ay around anymore.

Uk is a sevrice nation, even more than Ireland, in the 21st C it is totally reliant upon inward investment.

All the uk can do is throw incentives at China, like any other nation.

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China set to become Ireland's fourth biggest trading partner by 2030
China is expected to become Ireland's fourth biggest trading partner by 2030, overtaking France and knocking Japan out of the top five.

That is according to HSBC Bank's latest Global Connections trade report for Ireland. The bank predicted that exports to China will grow by 11% a year during 2016 to 2030.

The bank also expects that the Irish export market will remain dominated by the UK, the US and Germany but that the main growth areas lie in emerging Asian countries.

It predicts that India and Vietnam will grow in importance at the expense of our traditional trading partners with Malaysia and Indonesia becoming increasingly important too.

Today's report suggests that exports to the main markets in Europe - excluding Russia - are forecast to grow by about 3% a year from 2013 to 2015.

But they should then pick up to about 4% in 2016 to 2020.

Exports to Asia, excluding Japan, and North America are also expected to speed up in the four years form 2016 to 2020.

HSBC says that Ireland's main export strength in the coming years will be in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, scientific apparatus and ICT equipment.

“Exports continue to play a key role in Ireland’s GDP growth and whilst our traditional export markets remain vital to this, it is increasingly important to look beyond them,'' said Alan Duffy, Managing Director and Ireland Head of HSBC Corporate Banking.

''Emerging markets are developing at a phenomenal pace and are set to reshape world trade patterns over the next 20 years. Understanding which sectors are growing in which markets delivers huge opportunities for businesses as they plan for the
future and aim to capitalise on these trends,'' he added.

If Ireland is to be dominated, then we may as well get the best deal and go straight to the real boss.
EU and broken britain are yesterday.

Ireland should become best friends with China, and get our new big brother to flick both these bully boys off our shores once and for all.
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Older topics highlighting the bad deal and China as the answer for Ireland.
Ireland more important to UK exports market than China

Ireland bullied by EU. China is our answer to crisis

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Ireland does not need EU or britain. China Irish exports.
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