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Roy Keane lack of empathy no management qualities

        Roy Keane lack of empathy no management qualities Roy Keane lack of empathy no management qualities Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Roy Keane lack of empathy no management qualities


I believe Roy Keane is a Bullshitter who says things for the microphone.

No problem there as journalism is full of such mediocre boring ott hype nonsense

But as part of the management team of Ireland!

Real bad imo

Good Management team = positivity
Keane /O'neil team = dumb down tactics

Good Management team = attract players especially young dual nationality players
Keane team = let them come to you and then put them off, play them down with not ready yet, then let keane loose to abuse and intimidate them if they have anything to say he does not like.

Good Management team = inspires
Keane /O'Neil = turns off

Good Management team = fans loyal
Keane /O'Neil = fans divided and many switched off

Good Management team = performs to best, over achieves
Keane / O'Neil = what we have, dull apathetic below performances.

Good Management team = attract players who want to play for Ireland
Keane /O'Neil = the opposite.

Good Management team = if performing like the keane /o'neil duo are would have the grace and morals to resign and leave, accept they are over paid and have failed.

Keane / O'Neil = will leave when they are ready only when their contract of being paid millions for under achieving and wrecking Ireland is up, because the overpaid Irish FAI chief John Delaney is another overpaid clueless fool and knows he is part to blame and should also be sacked.

Roy Keane intimidates those he can bully! He is by definition a bully. a 20th century bully that is long past any sell by date of acceptable quality.

By many accounts he is a arrogant not very likeable person, who lacks a very important part of management skills- empathy.

I believe Roy Keane is part of the problem why we have had young lads from England who wanted to play for Ireland, reconsidering if they want to be involved, think twice to change their mind.

Does not add up to blame just the young fellas, something more is going on here!

Think about it, these young guys are so well paid that money would not be a prime motivating factor and if it was England then explain how the same were happy to play under age for Ireland and state (prior to being part of a team where Roy Keane was part of the management) they wanted to play for Ireland.

I do not buy that lads are choosing to just change their minds, think about it!

Not only have we a manager in O'Neil who instructs to play with outdated not even effective in late 20th century tactics, but who (and especially modern spoiled over paid players in England) would actually enjoy having to suffer that pyscho Roy Keane and his verbal bullying and abuse!

As for Declan Rice I hope he thinks twice and chooses Ireland, he will be around a lot longer than the over paid supposed management team currently really under inspiring a generation of Irish kids.

I am convinced that Keane the arrogant violent bully was some part of the Grealish problem.

No doubt he is part of the Rice issue
very recently Roy Keane chose (because of his lack of people skills to understand consequences) to publicly mock one of the owners of West Ham!

Clearly Keane is not so smart or arrogant in the extreme to not consider how David Gold might react to Keanes' completely unnecessary tactless comments.

As reported in England.
Roy Keane mocks West Ham co-owner David Gold for Declan Rice England comments

Roy Keane has mocked West Ham co-owner David Gold after he tasked new manager Manuel Pellegrini with turning Declan Rice into an England international.

Rice, who won Young Hammer of the Year in following an impressive season in difficult circumstances, has made one friendly appearance for Republic of Ireland.

The 19-year-old is being monitored by the England setup, and could still switch allegiance having not appeared in a competitive game for Martin O’Neill’s side.

However, assistant manager Keane says Ireland is the obvious choice.

Read more

Pellegrini to continue Moyes' discipline demands at West Ham

"It's going to be pretty difficult if he's Irish, and he is Irish, he plays for Ireland," Keane said.

"Where else would he want to go? If you had a choice, Ireland or England…It's pretty straightforward. Ireland.”

On Wednesday, Gold said to Talksport: “I’m looking forward to the new manager turning Declan Rice into a strong English defender for the future of the England team.”

Keanes lack of skills and lack of understanding how owners of clubs do not tend to like people taking the pish out of them.

May have cost Ireland again.

Roy Keane a great player, but as a manager should be non where near any team imo, that he is part of the Ireland set up.

Typical of the over paid john Delaney of the euros as in notes


These were my thoughts, but just did a google and though no fan of Dunphy, looks like he had these real fears over Keane before me.


Outspoken pundit and former Republic of Ireland international Eamon Dunphy has let rip at Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane over their handling of the Jack Grealish saga.

The Aston Villa star is expected to be named in the Ireland squad for next month's friendly against England and Euro qualifier against Scotland by Martin O'Neill today.

Dunphy has heavily criticised the current Irish management team and Giovanni Trapattoni for their failure to secure the services of top quality players who are Irish-qualified.

“The last two regimes have been hopeless. We could have had Harry Kane,” Dunphy told RTÉ’s Game On. “He was in Tottenham’s reserves this time last year, and if you offered him a cap, he’d have jumped at it — Jack Grealish likewise. He could easily have been capped in the game against Gibraltar.

“He’s actually insulting him — he said the Scotland match would be ‘too big’ for him. And a few days later, Grealish was the most important figure at the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley.”

Dunphy slammed Roy Keane for making comments about Grealish's father Kevin during a press conference.

   

"Keane also had a go at his father, saying he was high maintenance and all that kind of stuff. It's hugely irresponsible,” he added.

“To be blathering on in press conferences when he's not present shows such disrespect to any player.

“Never mind one who’s been a seminal figure in a Wembley FA Cup semi-final and a relegation fight.

“It’s a disservice to Irish football and it’s absolutely outrageous.”

Dunphy believes that O'Neill should be scrutinised for his handling of the affair and doubts whether Grealish will ever feature in a green jersey due to the mismanagement of the situation.

“I’m going to try and restrain myself here in what I say but if people think that they’re too big to manage the Irish team and that their egos are more important than the job they’re getting a million quid a year to do, then when or if we don’t qualify, I hope they’re judged very harshly.

"He won't tog out for Ireland while Keane is making snide comments about his father.

“I don’t think Jack Grealish will ever play for Ireland and I don’t think what these guys have done has helped.

"We're crying out for good players.

“To say that the Scotland game was too big for him… Scotland are a team full of journeymen, they wouldn’t be too big for me.

“Someone’s getting a million quid a year to manage Ireland, blathering on as if they’re in a bar. This is irresponsible, it does no good to Ireland and most importantly, it does no favours to the Irish fans who are paying top dollar to be going into the Aviva Stadium to support the team and often, to travel away as well."

Edit 29/aug

More evidence that suggests ROY KEANE IS THE PROBLEM!

get the pyscho out.

Keane talks like a arrogant pig and no once would or should have to put up with that arrogant rude man.

Roy Keane was involved in a behind-the-scenes bust-up with Harry Arter and Jonathan Walters during Ireland’s summer matches.

But Martin O’Neill insists the matter has been ‘defused’ ahead of the Nations League campaign and that it is all systems go for the new competition.

Assistant boss Keane took Arter and Walters to task over a particular issue in the build up to the USA game - and the flare up escalated quickly.

“I’m not denying there hasn’t been altercations,” O’Neill told Mirror Sport. “But the situation has definitely been defused and it’s just part of things.

YEAH SURE MARTIN! sure every team has a complete lunatic bully boy who spouts psychotic nonsense in a mad angry 'supposed hard man' fashion

Can all be solved, course it can by sacking the bully boy roy keane.

more updates

Brian Kerr suspects more is going on

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