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The Whiskey Magic

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Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     The Whiskey Magic

The Whiskey Magic

After all of this time
It came out of nowhere
An awfully big step
That left me happy
And fearful.

I donít want to lose you
Thatís what I know for sure
But I feel you slipping away
And I donít know what to do.

I want to make clear
For me, itís not a one-time thing
It was better than I couldíve hoped
And in no way just a fling

I told you Iíd wait
But what am I waiting for?
You and me
Talking about feelings?
Some long conversation?
With drama and screaming?!

Why would I want something like that?
To hear words not ready to be spoken?
Promises and commitments
In a future that hasnít yet broken?

All I want is just you and me
The way weíve always been.
On the phone or in a room
With or without Mr. Jameson as a friend!

I told you we canít go back
But it doesnít mean we forget
Staying friends is what matters
The most important step!

You know that I donít know
What Iím talking about
All I have to give you
Is what Iím thinking right now

Itís just me
A phone call away
To talk about my writing
Or maybe pill-popping Mr. Leary

I donít want to be taking advice
From my well-meaning friends
(who are on your side, I might add!)
I want to hear your voice
And know that weíre okay.

You know I donít beg
Not for anything or anybody
So Iím laying this out for you
In hopes that youíll hear me

Whatever is going to happen
That I donít know
But what I donít want Ė more than anything Ė
Is to lose you now.

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