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Sceala Clann Counsellor
Location: Tir Na Nog

Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     DAGDA BLAZED


Dagda blazed across the skies
Golden chariot afire
Storming the horizon
Shimmers of icy prisms
Hung suspended
Glistening in His wake
Pendulums of splendid colors
All colors in none


The giant Orb orange gold
Immortally olde
Hurt my human eyes
For I know where He has been
And where He goest
Surveying the Lands
In His Earthly Kingdom
Kind benefactor of Light


The March winds sweep clean
Dusting the Hard Brown Floor
Blow, blow the white crystals away
The last hurrah of the Winter Gods
Linger not, He cries
He commands the Earth
Hasten Spring
Arise Anew!

Love new birthed
Fresh and dewey
Like the Morn
Wrap yourself around me
Like the Early Days of April
New life quickening, sweet smells
Yellow blooms of daffodil and daisy

Marry me in the grove of Ash
Join with me in the ring
Crossed hands in the ancient rite
Eternity promised
Lifetimes encircle us
Wise ones whisper from the branches
Blessings of Evergreen and Roses
As Summer makes Her Way Homeward


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