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Keiron Fallon Arrested

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Irish Sports News Discussion:     Keiron Fallon Arrested

Irish champion Jockey Jockey Fallon was arrested early yesterday by british police in race fixing probe

on the rte news
Irish champion jockey Kieren Fallon is among 16 people who have been arrested in England as part of a police investigation into corruption in racing.

The investigation is being led by the City of London police and is thought to involve more than 80 races at English courses over the past two years.

As well as Fallon, jockeys Darren Williams and Fergal Lynch and trainer Karl Burke were also arrested early this morning when 19 addresses were raided by police in Yorkshire and Suffolk.

Police say they have seized a large amount of computer records and documentation which they are now going to start examining in detail.

The police inquiry is thought to have been initiated following an investigation by the Jockey Club.

The Jockey Club is currently investigating charges against Fallon of bringing racing into disrepute.

Fallon imo, is without doubt the best jockey of the last decade!

If proven? And Fallon has already said he has nothing to be worried about!

But if!
It will show how corrupt the sport is if a guy as talented as him, is proven to have been swerved.

Think about it! this is a guy who will beat anyone in the world on a equal horse at a mile or so.

Horse Racing(especially flat) will find it extremely difficult to be taken with any credence, if he is shown as guilty.

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Keiron Fallon Arrested
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