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Irish Historiction

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Yet another new word, if I did not divert so much energy in different directions such as inventing new words by now I would have written several books to be discarded in a skip, enough to possibly show themselves to a casual passer by unashamed of looking in skips at least with one eye, when sure no one was looking.

But here is a list of real powerful Irish Irish Historiction for ye to chew the fat off

when the dictionary folks come calling tell them it means

Historiction = A play on history

Irish Historiction- therefore a play on Irish history

First up the best novelist ever to have stood upright on two Irish limbs

The one and only, his like will never be sean again (unless I write about what they actually get up to in Mrs Finnegan's parlour after midnight on the first monday of every month)


Ye will Laugh and cry as his massive books fall on your toes as your clumsiness shows itself once again on the way out of the library.

As the baldy one sang Nothing compares to ewe.

The best Irish Historiction book about 1916 except for one other I can't quite now think of but will fetch it later.

Casey did not need to research or self publicise this is the real deal, this is Irish history at crucial times but made easy and queasy, real Irish spake, real Irish people.

Sean O'Casey

Poverty of the Irish rings out rings out, the romance of Sean O'Casey is there too, look for it.

These three in here are masterpieces

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Irish Historiction
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