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The Tailor And Ansty

       The Tailor And Ansty The Tailor And Ansty Information
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Irish Books Discussion:     The Tailor And Ansty

To anyone looking to understand a simpler time in Ireland, the book The Tailor And Ansty is a must read.

The Tailor And Ansty shows West Cork life as it once was and in many ways still is. These are real people with no pretention or desire to be anything other than themselves, raw folk, loving but no bullshite or poncey feckedness about them folks. Rooted in the earth talking about the small things that matter, like the birds, and the big things like the hills and sex, spoken of with no fear about being wrong or using words to impress some shite, not anyone but their own ears.

These were real Irish people and living in a genuine intact Irish speaking area, a largely untouched unbleached undiminished by the hypocritical Victorian and English value system imposed on much of Ireland area; this means this book is as near as to how it once was before those English language loving priests of maynooth (the priests before Maynooth were by and large, sound and Irish and for Ireland first- as opposed to a minority post maynooth who were legal once again, and as is known all legal things are full of shite) lusted for us all to change our ways, as we may ever know.

The plentiful use of curses and openness to sex and life in The Tailor And Ansty, meant the book was banned by the Irish state for its early life: there is nothing in it really, nothing that would bare lift an eyebrow without an accompanied smile, if it lifts yours without- well just loosen yer pants and relax a bit more.

Regardless of the conditioning ye dream should be, this was how yer Irish ancestors really once were, raw and ready for life. if ye dont accept that ye know little about Irish history and older attitiudes to bare bodies and sex. Years ago they say that visitors, never went cold in the islands where the women still spoke the Irish, it was the way and a better way.

This is a must read as it will enlighten those who think they know what the country Irish are like. A tourist trip and dreams are one thing, but The Tailor and Ansty is the way it was, and explains the mentality of many of the habits and customs still there once the surafce is scratched today in the rural areas.

Written about two people who once lived around Gouganne Barra West Cork, one of Irelands gems, a beauty to behold itself.
The only fault with the book the local people still alive who knew both the Tailor and ansty will tell ye is= that the nicknames Eric Cross(author) used were invented, but to be fair oif thats all then it is a remarkable book, and to be fair again he was living with them, so maybe the old couple only called them(neighbours) the names as they went back down the path.
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The Tailor And Ansty
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