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A Place We Go

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Sceala Clann Counsellor
Location: Tir Na Nog

Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     A Place We Go


Inside us all is a place we go
When the world around us
The only world we may know
Collapses in on itself
Like a house of cards

We can run like Alice
Faster, faster
Late for our own tea party

Or click our heels three times together
And land our house on the Bad Witch

But we cannot escape
The doom and gloom that loom
Overhead and in our hearts
Unless we have that place to go
Inside ourselves

It's a Shirley Temple black and white place
Soldier snapshots of Uncle Bill and Uncle John
The smell of apple blossoms and roses
Murmurings from beyond
Whispers of the past
My stuffed bear
And you

I went there yesterday
And today
Because the world turned topsy turvey
And the Tower is crumbling

I will wait for you there
But please have a care
As you make your way through the rubble
To my private bubble

Chicken Little, the sky has fallen in on me
And all I want to do
Is hold onto my bear and you

P.S. Come soon...low on rations

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A Place We Go
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