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Into The West Irish Film

       Into The West Irish Film Into The West Irish Film Information
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Irish Films Discussion:     Into The West Irish Film

There is a few films called into the West, so best the title be specific.

Into the West stars Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciarán Fitzgerald, Rúaidhrí Conroy, David Kelly, Johnny Murphy, Colm Meaney, John Kavanagh, and the great Brendan Gleeson, among others.

A good film, quite old now and shot in a sense of before many of the
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Into The West Irish Movies Reviews:

Comment: While searching for movies about horses, I came upon "INTO THE WEST" and after reading the reviews I bought it sight unseen...
As was said by many, this is a movie for ALL ages! A magical
white horse adopts two young boys of 8 and 12 (although the 8 year old looks more like 6) from a Dublin slum highrise. Bareback
they ride him to the west country of Ireland-leaving behind a sad
father who has left his traveller (Gypsy) life behind after his beloved wife died. He tries to 'settle' in a strange world, to him, and turns to drink. He hopes his two sons will be educated
and make something of themselves. Their Grandpa comes upon a beautiful white stallion who,at first, frightens the old man, but with his gypsy blood, he soon sees no harm in the horse and
reads his mind. He sets off for Dublin where he hasn't seen his
son-in-law nor his two grandsons-Tito & little Ossie for seven years. The horse follows his caravan and there begins the adventure!
Very sweet, very funny and scary in parts as they escape the VERY
wealthy man (who buys the horse from a crooked cop when the cop
sees how the horse, Tir na nOg, can jump like no horse can.)

He steals the horse and the boys steal him back. They are COWBOYS and the horse,with them on bareback, is leading them to the WILD WEST COUNTRY. Much goes on as they journey with their father after them (along with past traveller friends on horses through a cold winter so he can find his boys...)
You will love the way the boys and magical horse use all their wits to beat the police and greedy man who only sees money in the horse. You'll love the way they say "Hi Ho Silver AWAAAAY!"
and the horse rears up and takes off, always protecting them...

The end is amazing! It's then you find out the truth about the
horse... It's filled with excitment and the boys are so real!
Gabriel Byrne gives his all! You will see an Ireland like never before. Watch it more than once and you will fall in love with two darlin'little boys and a beautiful white stallion...

Summary: Exellent
Comment: I think into the West is a fantastic family film for all ages.
Its a film that touches your heart and makes you laugh and cry and recommend this film as a classic and is a must have to add to a DVD collection.

Summary: Into the West
Comment: A very good children's as well adult's movie. Especially if you believe in magic and a mother's love. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Summary: no title
Comment: Mike Newell was the director of the fabulous "Enchanted April" and "Dance With A Stranger", but this was more of a children's movie than I had thought. It was OK - I do like both Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Bryne.

Summary: Horses, Magick, and a Little Blarney
Comment: Widower Papa Riley (Gabriel Byrne), once an important member of a nomadic tribe of travelers, now lives in the slums of Dublin with his two young lads, Ossie (Ciaran Fitzgerald) and Tito (Ruaidhrf Conroy), drinking himself to death. Their lowly lives take a wild turn when Grandpa Ward (David Kelly) brings them a magnificent (and possibly magical) white horse called Tir na Nog, but when the horse is taken away by the police, the family sets off across the old Emerald Isle to get him back. A great, stirring story for kids and adults.

Staci Layne Wilson
Author of Staci's Guide to Animal Movies

More Reviews
Editorial Reviews:

Set mainly in the Ireland the tourist board didn't tell you about, Into the West is the story of a "traveling" family who have given up their traditional life of roaming, and find themselves trying to make it in the gritty, violent projects of Dublin. Gabriel Byrne is excellent as Papa Reilly, a once-proud father and leader whose grief over his wife's death has turned him into a booze-sodden has-been. His two sons, Tito (Ruaidhri Conroy) and Ossie (Ciaran Fitzgerald), escape the projects on an apparently magical white horse, Tir Na Nog, which leads them back to the West. After being forced to steal the horse back from a wealthy and ruthless horse dealer, they are pursued across the increasingly beautiful landscape by virtually all the policemen in Ireland. The much-loved actor David Kelly (Waking Ned Devine) does a nice turn as the grandfather, and Ellen Barkin is a surprising but believable choice as an old "traveling" friend of Papa Reilly. For better or for worse--mainly better--this is not the story Disney would have told: redemptive and uplifting at the end, it's realistic to the point of ugliness on the way there, with a style of cinematography that the Magic Kingdom has never been able to stomach. The younger brother, Ossie, is supposed to be 7, but the story itself is perhaps more appropriate for somewhat older children. Entertainment Weekly's best family video for 1994. --Richard Farr

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Into The West Irish Film
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