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Irish And American Football

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Irish Sports News Discussion:     Irish And American Football

This was sent to me by a passionate Notre Dame Fan.

I watched initially only thinking of the Notre Dame one, but found myself watching all of them. These are a superbly made set of short films that are enjoyable for sound and sight and very interesting for those interested in the Irish and that genuine (no checking for the wind or fair weather day looked for first)

To the naive like me of what the sport of American Football is all about in connection to the average (as in mad on their team) fan it was brilliant. I am now also very impressed by the nature and accent of the Chicago folks on show.

The football fans on show reminded me of the GAA passion and interaction of community in Munster and other parts of Ireland. The fans the family involvement from junior to adult is a beauty to cherish.

The power of sport can be seen in how no war, no words of a politician will ever give a nation a real sense of who and encourage identity as sport. And it is a common link of passion that would have a road bowler in Cork know what these American football fans are about.

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And sport Irish shows throughout the world, from Glasgow Celtic to Notre Dame that the peoples passion and devotion to each other is not always abused and corrupted. Now and then the people produce things which no one (except possibly the money men who will take advantage of win at all costs mentality) can take away.

May the devil be kept busy by those shites and lackie feckers in sport and life who would deal on their own.

God Bless The Irish.

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