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Nollaig Faoi Shean Agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise

       Nollaig Faoi Shean Agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Nollaig Faoi Shean Agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Information
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Location: Ireland

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This is the Christmas and new years message from President Mary McAleese first in Irish (as Gaeilge) and then in Englirish.

Message from the President

F´┐Żilte go su´┐Żomh gr´┐Żas´┐Żin oifigi´┐Żil Uachtar´┐Żn na h´┐Żireann.

Beidh an su´┐Żomh seo ina nasc t´┐Żbhachtach le linn m'uachtar´┐Żnachtsa, nasc a sh´┐Żra´┐Żonn baic an achair agus a chabhra´┐Żonn liom mo thiomantas do mhuintir na h´┐Żireann a chomhl´┐Żonadh mo phost mar Uachtar´┐Żn a ´┐Żs´┐Żid chun l´┐Żmh a sh´┐Żneadh amach chuig daoine eile. T´┐Ż s´┐Żil agam gur c´┐Żnamh ar leith a bheidh ann naisc le daoine a chruth´┐Ż agus a l´┐Żidri´┐Ż, daoine a bh´┐Żonn ag sracadh leo go misni´┐Żil ´┐Ż l´┐Ż go l´┐Ż le deacrachta´┐Ż an tsaoil, go h´┐Żirithe iad si´┐Żd a bhfuil m´┐Żchumas orthu, agus leis na pobail ´┐Żireannacha ar fud an domhain a bhfuil muintir na h´┐Żireann an-bhu´┐Żoch as a suim agus a gcabhair lean´┐Żnach. Is teaghlach iontach na h´┐Żireann sinn ar fad le ch´┐Żile.

Beidh an sp´┐Żs f´┐Żor´┐Żil seo ina ´┐Żit mar ar f´┐Żidir le daoine aonair agus le gr´┐Żpa´┐Ż ´┐Ż ch´┐Żlra´┐Ż cult´┐Żrtha agus traidisi´┐Żin ´┐Żags´┐Żla insint dom faoina mianta agus a mbriongl´┐Żid´┐Ż, conas ar f´┐Żidir leis an bpost ina bhfuil s´┐Ż de phribhl´┐Żid agam a bheith an ionada´┐Żocht is fearr a dh´┐Żanamh ar son mhuintir na h´┐Żireann agus ar na luachanna at´┐Ż t´┐Żbhachtach d´┐Żibh, conas ar f´┐Żidir le hoifig an Uachtar´┐Żin a bheith ina fh´┐Żrsa athmhuintearais san obair is m´┐Ż at´┐Ż romhainn mar phobal - s´┐Żoch´┐Żin a chruth´┐Ż ar oile´┐Żn na h´┐Żireann.

T´┐Ż s´┐Żil agam go mbeidh an su´┐Żomh seo mar fhoinse eolais ar Oifig an Uachtar´┐Żin, ar a r´┐Żl agus ar sc´┐Żal an ´┐Żitribh oifigi´┐Żil - ´┐Żras an Uachtar´┐Żin.

Bain taitneamh as do chuairt.

Winter 2006

Message from the President

Christmas is a time set apart from all others, a time for family, friends, reunions, gifts and special greetings and so, to Ireland´┐Żs growing family at home and abroad, and to all her great friends throughout the world, I send the warmest of Christmas good wishes.

In these days, our minds go back to the baby born in Bethlehem. He taught us that humankind would only flourish in love and he asked each of us to be bringers of love into the lives of those around us. Two thousand years on and we have seen, many times over, the awful price we pay for giving in to hatred or simply neglecting one another. Conflict, poverty and disease are ravaging millions of lives this very day. The Irish play a noble role in the international community´┐Żs response to that suffering.

Ireland has a good story to tell of its own successful efforts to end generations of poverty and of conflict. The patient work of so many peacemakers throughout Ireland is bearing fruit at last. I hope that we will soon see the fresh start that the people of the north of Ireland have longed for and earned so painfully. The two jurisdictions which share this island have so much untapped potential just waiting to be revealed by peace and partnership. Let us hope that the waiting will soon be over.

Among the gifts we can share with one another this Christmas is the gift of care on our roads. Our care costs us nothing. Our carelessness costs others everything, their lives, their health, their happiness. So I ask all of us, young and old, to take seriously our personal responsibility for road safety. Keep the crying out of Christmas.

And to those who are feeling sad this Christmas time whether through loss, or illness, or absence, or worry, I pray you will find reason for joy and hope in the consolation and support offered by friends, family or community.

To all the boys and girls who have worked hard at being good to impress Santa Claus I say well done and to all those who have worked hard to make our country strong and welcoming, prosperous and caring I say a heartfelt thank you. You keep the Christmas spirit going all year round and, in millions of acts of generosity, you let us see the power of love.

Best wishes to one and all for a Happy Christmas, and a truly peaceful, fulfilling New Year.

In case An post are late The President also sent all the Irish people a Christmas Card and a very nice card it is.
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Nollaig Faoi Shean Agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise
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