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Roy Keane the Sunderland manager

       Roy Keane the Sunderland manager Roy Keane the Sunderland manager Information
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Irish Sports News Discussion:     Roy Keane the Sunderland manager

Cork man Roy Keane astonished English soccer with his skills and determination as a player and now Keane the manager has made even more take note. Roy Keane's success at Sunderland so far is nothing short of astonishing.
Keane has taken a club that was bottom of the English second division straight into next seasons topflight leauge.
Sunderland chairman and fellow Irishman Niall Quinn has admitted that even he is surprised by the speed at which manager Roy Keane has changed the club's fortunes.
"We felt we would have to nurse him along, put structures in place and give him every opportunity to develop and learn his trade. But lo and behold he has astonished everyone and done it in record time."
Quinn was caretaker manager before Roy Keane was appointed.
Coventry 2-1 Sunderland
Sunderland 0-1 Birmingham
Sunderland 2-3 Plymouth
Southend 3-1 Sunderland
Bury 2-0 Sunderland
"We played Coventry away and everyone was up for it but what astonished me was how deep the losing mentality was. When Coventry scored with 15 minutes to go our players looked at their boots and did anything but organise themselves. They gave a message that Sunderland were there to be beaten - and that's what Coventry did. I knew then we had a big losing mentality to get rid of."
Then Keane took the Sunderland job at the end of August, few were convinced Quinn had appointed the "world-class" manager he had predicted.
The Black Cats won 2-0 but it was only their second league success at the Stadium of Light in over a year.
Keane brought in six new faces on transfer deadline day, five of them leaving top-flight football in England or Scotland to join a side scrapping at the bottom of the Championship, while Dwight Yorke swapped sunny Sydney for Sunderland.
August: David Connolly, Liam Miller, Graham Kavanagh, Ross Wallace, Dwight Yorke, Stanislav Varga
January: Carlos Edwards, Anthony Stokes, Stern John, Danny Simpson (loan), Jonny Evans (loan)
There was an instant upturn in results as Sunderland won 2-1 against Derby. Followed by 3-0 at Leeds and the bandwagon was up and running.
In January, about £5m was spent on bringing in further players, while Keane allowed eight players to leave the club.
Since then the proof has been in the performances as Sunderland rattled off a 17-match unbeaten run to climb to the top of the table.
Keane used his contacts, bringing in players from Manchester United and Celtic - including the inspired loan signings of Jonny Evans and Danny Simpson. But just as importantly as the new arrivals has been the transformation of some of the players already at the club. "They are brilliant things to see happen for a manager - to get that out of players in his first year is just incredible."
Sunderland players have learned not to cross the cork man - Anthony Stokes, Marton Fulop and Toby Hysen found out when they were late for the team bus and he left them behind.
Sunderland legend and voted Irish player of the 20th century Charlie Hurley said: "Keane has an individual desire that made him a great player and he has transformed that attitude to his players without having to shout and roar. Even if the 'hairdryer effect' is used as a way to berate players it is unlikely to become common knowledge, his players are so well-drilled that what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room'
Roy Keane
Genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration
Famous quote by American inventor Thomas Edison
Quinn refers to Keane as having that "little bit of genius".
"Knowing him as a player, being around him and knowing the level of focus he has I should not have been surprised by what has happened," said Quinn. "But I would be telling lies if I said I knew the way it was going to turn out. I thought he was capable of turning this club around but I thought it would take him more time to prove it. What we didn't foresee was how good he is at his job. When we looked at appointing him we knew he had been spending time looking at the coaching side - he didn't just stop playing and say 'I'm going to become a coach. We knew in his last few years he had been actively seeking his badges, attending games, reserve games, obscure non-League games. We didn't pluck him from the sky, we knew what his desire levels were. But to do it the way he has done it has been brilliant - I've really enjoyed watching him work."

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Roy Keane the Sunderland manager
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