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legacy of 1916

        legacy of 1916 legacy of 1916 Information
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Sceala Clann Counsellor
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Irish History Forum Discussion:     legacy of 1916

a 1916 meeting in wicklow.
kerrin you can go along to this.

the legacy of the 1916 easter rising will be discussed today at the parnell summer school in co wicklow.
the annual five-day event continues until tomorrow in avondale house – the ancestral home of charles stewart parnell.
the topic 'commemorating 1916, remembering and forgetting' will be discussed today by a panel of academics from both sides of the border.
the summer school is focusing this year’s theme on changes in irish culture, society and politics.
speakers include labour deputy leader and local td liz mcmanus
irish parliamentary party leader parnell, who was dubbed the ’uncrowned king of ireland’ died in 1891 and is buried in dublin’s glasnevin cemetery.
his supporters began hosting the summer school in 1991 to mark the centenary of his death.

this video shows what the british did to ireland back in 1916.
they could not beat the irish, man to man.
the bully and cowardly british crown, bombed dublin flat to the ground, killing men, women and children in the process.

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you must listen to this.
growing up i do not remember hearing about irish women soldiers in 1916.
this shows why we did not hear of women, they were air brushed out of history.
brave irish women were soldiers in 1916.
real commentary from the irish women who took part.
over 200 irish women participated in the easter rising, and were active in every major outpost in dublin city, except boland's mill. a large contingent of citizen army women were present at the city hall and stephen's green garrisons. winnie carney, julia grenan and elizabeth o'farrell stayed with the leaders of the rising until the very end, and o'farrell was asked to deliver the surrender note.

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legacy of 1916
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