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So I am or so I’m called
By those who think for them I’ll fall
Arms of steel, eyes so bright
Games they play, try to get it right

As usual, the night starts late
Music plays all around the crowd like bait
Drink in hand, smile on my face
I choose carefully, without haste

Usually tall, with a cocky grin
They are players who like to win
Voices deep with accents some
Normal girls would probably run

I love them each in their own way
Little boys with games to play
For me, they are definitely not a good match
Just harmless fun with no strings attached

But it’s the choice I make
The first step I take
No longer wanting to be on the wall
I have fun and flirt and stand very tall

For so long I stayed to the edge
Unwilling, unable to take a step towards the ledge
Then one night I decided not to care
And gave a grin and a laughing stare

I don’t change how I talk,
Jokes I make or how I walk
I am what I am what I am
No longer afraid to not give a damn

Best looking guys on the floor
Always amusing and never a bore
What they want from me is very clear
But my choice not to give it they don’t want to hear

My girls don’t know quite what to do
With me, the unafraid loony going after these fools
Mostly, though, it makes them grin
Because I’m back in rare form with just a bit of sin

Why this sudden change of heart?
For truly a tease I am not.
Only a boy, of course, I say
Who else could have such an effect this way?

Some time last summer, there was a night
When the stars came together above just right
I was on the beach, under the darkest sky
Thought of this friend and wondered where he lie

Powerful moment to share with “just a friend”
Filled me with such wonder, thought my heart would rend
Spent the time since trying to make sense of it all
Lost many a month in this total free fall

Not long ago, the ground came up and met me hard
And now it’s time to go back out and let down my guard
Stick with the players and all of their games
At least I understand them all just the same

I call myself much, maybe even a tease
But I’m past trying to do things just to please
Because all that it gets you is a pain in your heart
That no amount of dancing can manage to unknot.

To the floor I go, ready for some fun
Where the bad boys are good,
And the good boys run.

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