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Sceala Clann Counsellor
Location: Tir Na Nog

Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     THE RAINBOW


The day started quite murky
The wind blew in with rain
For May, the air's gone chilly
I shudder with distain

'Tis Saturday, my big day out
My friend and I go wild
We go hang out, and grocery shop
And laugh a lot and smile

We have been friends for thirty years
Survived a lot of stuff
Know most all each others secrets
Been through happy times and rough

Four years ago, we all got scared
She got so very sick
We decided our friendship would last
Through times both thin and thick

So anyway, today...Saturday
We're driving to the store
I pull my van into the space
Look up and WANT TO SOAR!!!!

The biggest, most perfect rainbow
Was right there before my eyes
A perfect arch, from hill to hill
It filled the eastern skies

My friend looked up and saw the same
My eyes had not deceived
The absolute perfection
Was too much to believe

The colors were so vivid
One in each and every hue
In bands so patiently colored
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue

The rainbow shouted MAGIC
It had to be, why else
Would Mother Nature want to share
And not keep it to Herself?

T'was almost as if the faeries
Had each taken a brush
And under Mother's watchful eye
Painted in a skillful rush

I quick reached for my camera
Oh drat...not in my truck
The perfect kodak moment
Passing by...what rotten luck...

My friend had not hers either
Having left it at home
And her daughter borrowed her cell
So she'd not even her photo phone

Had I only had my camera
I've still not my lesson learned
'Tis not the first kodak moment
On which I've gotten burned...

Alas, the one good thing is this
Though the wonder did finally end
Without one single photo taken...

We'll always have this memory, My friend...

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