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Ryanair Car Insurance

        Ryanair Car Insurance Ryanair Car Insurance Information
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Irish Business News Discussion:     Ryanair Car Insurance

Michael O’Leary’s Ryanair has launched a new online car insurance service that will be underwritten by FBD Insurance.
The selling point of the new service, entitled No Nonsense Car Insurance, is to introduce motorists between 25 and 35 to a transparent and cost-effective service.
“We have reduced the cost of travel by getting rid of ridiculous price-inflating bundles that restrict consumer choice,” commented Ryanair’s head of communications Peter Sherrard.
“No Nonsense will do the same for car insurance, allowing motorists to reduce their premiums,” Sherrard added.

The new service allows motorists to build their own policy on the internet. Ryanair says that by using the service a 27 year-old male driver in Naas can save up to 23pc on comprehensive cover while a female driver aged 35 in Cork can save up to 48pc on third party, fire and theft insurance.
“By partnering with Ryanair and operating at a low-cost base, we will make available a new and unique budget offering into the Irish car insurance market which will greatly enhance customers’ choice for good value car insurance,” Bronagh Twomey marketing director for No Nonsense Car Insurance explained.
The Irish car insurance business currently represents 40pc of all risk business underwritten in Ireland. 2007 saw a 4.4pc increase in new cars sales, with a total of 180,872 new licenses issued, according to the Central Statistics Office.
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Ryanair Car Insurance
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