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My House

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On the coast of Donegal shores, there is a house.
It is small and warm and cozy and dry.
Four chairs 'round a table of wood.
The hearth breathes out friendly flames.
And candles lighten up the mood.

On the record player in the corner
Old tunes do sing out their songs
The sofa is as worn and comfortable
As the floors of this tiny palace are strong

Windows are flung open towards the dark sky
And the vastness of the sea roars below
Roses bloom on weather beaten trellises
And the mist hangs with a heavenly glow

In this house on Donegal shores
A woman no longer waits
For life has given her what it has
And she no longer cares much for fate

She's lucky to be loved as she is
By friends and family alike
But she left them all on homebound shores
In hopes her future would take flight

Her future these days is her trusted keyboard
And a window overlooking the ocean
With hot tea and a touch of whiskey by her side
To ward off the chill like a potion

There's a hole in her heart that nothing can fill
No amount of crying or fighting or wishes
Not even this place of emerald green and old stories
Will change how she sees her condition.

She hopes this house will bring her comfort
Just as the ocean is her peace
Nothing else she figures to find
In this world where love is other people's dream

To be loved outside of one's family and friends
To know that mythic feeling others speak of so boldly
Not a place, not a time, not a car or a hobby
But another person with whom you can lean on and hold

Maybe it's just these dark, cloudy days
That have her thinking too much about that hole
How she's been searching for something with all her might
But have come no closer to that lofty goal

Onwards and upwards they say with a smile
Those people who have already found their path
Back to her work she will drown herself in
Until there's nothing but her writing left in a stack.

But her house she will have - so different and new
High up on the cliffs above Donegal shores.
She'll wait in vain hope for the day that might come
When her heart simply won't hurt anymore.

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My House
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