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Fir Bolgs

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Irish History Forum Discussion:     Fir Bolgs

OK, just in short, I'll dig up what I had written before elsewhere, but I think that the Firbolg, or Fir Bolg were from Ireland originally, descendants of the Fomorians, because they were the only peoples to come to Ireland who the Fomorians didn't outright attack or subjugate. Some people even hold that they married into the Fomorian people once they arrived. If you follow some historic patterns (specifically bio-history) the first to sets of invaders took wicked casualties, essentially wiping out their forces via a germ or epidemic. If the immuno-systems Firbolg were already used to these viral patterns, then they wouldn't be as traumatically effected by the spread of germs. I'll find a more formal write up I did on this, but the sociological and biological acceptance of these people to Ireland just seems to point (for me) to the fact that they must have had some contact with the island before this "invasion". I know history back that far is a bit cloudy and many people can interpret or worse manipulate facts for their own purposes, but there just seems to be too many links back to the island that would preclude the assumption of an invasion. I know there are some who also distinguish between the Fir Bolg, a Firbolgs, but initially that seems more a Gods and men distinction to me....

Figured since I opened my trap about this section, I should forward my as yet forming thought on the issue.

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Fir Bolgs
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