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Celtic fc 2005 Season

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Irish Sports News Discussion:     Celtic fc 2005 Season

Been a very tiring and demoralising time for me recently, but I ignore that and look up and not down when I can, but to look down was all that was possible as the cake of sour milk sponge was given a shite topping when Celtic threw away the league.

Winning the league by leading 1-0 with not even a handfull of minutes to go all they had to do was hang on against a side that is not just mediocre by shite standards (more chance of winning the SPL if they dont turn up) but had about 7 first team regulars out.

But Celtic like the Irish pysche they spring from is never straight or easy to live with.

Like before (bear in mind ye have to for sanity it has been the other way as well we have won ehne things were not necesarily deserved)

But like that lumped up the field and the lanky shite nodding it in against Celtic around 8 years ago (team, scorer and year not known as purposely the specifics have been forgotten! why keep an exact record of shite memories)

Celtic managed to lose 2-1

and the tile not just lost! but handed to rangers who end up beating a Hibernian side (who thougholder than Celtic to my mind by and large long since seem to have lost any passionate Irish connection) at Easter road 1-0; Hibernian happy to sit back and not even try to win the game knowing that only a masive loss would prevent them gettig a EUFA spot next season.

To give ye an idea of the hurt caused by those who take their sport serious Laughing

Rod Stewart a manic Celtic fan said he literally got sick Laughing

I felt bad and very sad about it for the fans, but I did not get sick as it is just a game and not unusual it is called life

forget it move on! we'll be back and they will have their doom day as sure as the sun sets (they have had them before)

And to show the just life link

here is proof

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Celtic fc 2005 Season
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