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Sceala Clann Counsellor
Location: Tir Na Nog

Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     CONNEMARA


On the way to Connemara
Following the Costal Road
Stone walls and fences
The Irish build
'Tis unbelievable to me still

They lay in rows in front of me
Like a giant seamstress quilted them
Into the blanket of Irish countryside

I am looking at the West Coast
The shores of the Atlantic
The glistening silver gray waters
Against barren rocky shores

And yet life exists
Where there seems none
In sandy craggy places
On rocks' stoney faces

The birds fly
Gulls against seaswept skies
I am alone
Yet not

This is what I came here for...

God, what peace exists in this stormy gray backdrop
For perhaps peace exists most
Where there is least

The beauty rushes over me
Like the winds in from the waves
Fate led me to this place
I am humbled by its grandeur
My eyes sting with unshed tears

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