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Further to Finn's point about The british still stealing land from the Irish today, in addition there is still collution today to keep partition on the island even when a democratic majority don't want it, in either country. 30 years later they still can't admit wrong doing!

05/20/04 16:33 EST

The jury in the inquests into the deaths of 34 people in the
Dublin and Monaghan bombings of May 1974 has found that they
were unlawfully killed by a person, or persons, unknown.

The jury also found that the evidence indicated members of a
loyalist group were involved, but the evidence did not
establish this beyond reasonable doubt.

They requested the Dublin City Coroner, Dr Brian Farrell,
forward the transcripts of the inquest to the Taoiseach and
asked the Irish Government to forward the transcripts to the
the north of Ireland Secretary.

Dr Farrell, described the bombings as a gross example of
"man's inhumanity to man". The heard more than three weeks
of evidence from some 153 witnesses, including people who
were present at the scenes of the bombs at Talbot Street and
Parnell Square on May 17th 1974.

One witness said he had an argument with a man over a
parking space in Parnell Street at exactly the place where
the car bomb exploded a short time later. Families heard
horrific evidence of the injuries suffered by their loved ones.

Dr Farrell told them that based on the autopsy evidence, he
believed those who died met their deaths instantaneously or
were unconscious from the time of the blast.

An inquest can only make findings of fact as to how, when
and where a person died and as to the identity of the
deceased. It cannot apportion any blame.

Due to the sophistication and scale of the bombings,
suspicion persists that British Security Forces colluded
with loyalists in the bombings.

The fact that the British government has stymied attempts to
secure documents relating to the bombings has intensified
those suspicions.

The bolding it my own. No matter what promises they offer, they always reneg. The Corey report, this investigation, commitment to GFA. It's no wonder the struggle continues!!

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