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Books About The Fenians

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Irish Books Discussion:     Books About The Fenians

A very interesting period that shaped modern Irish nationality.

Irish history can appear a loose web of at the spur of the moment rebellions, uprisings, for sure the propogandists will encourage ye to believe the fenians were a typical of that. just another bunch of hap hazard romantic fools like Emmet.

When the opposite is the case (and in both cases). emmet's rebellion was no five minute wonder and then a pike dramatically fatally used.

Read for yourself in the records of the day of the imposed goverment how Emmet was essentially one continuation of the 1798 rebellion, as were the Fenians and all were linked absolutely.

silenced but not silent.

be a proud fenian, for they inspired the freeing of Ireland and of the slave mentalilty.
Books On The Fenians

Read of the great Irish American rebel Fenian John Devoy
John Devoy Fenian

Look for O'Donovan Rossa for he would have influenced the likes of Tom Barry (from the same area) and Michael Collins (no more than four miles away) the man Pearse warned of the folly of leaving us his body, he would have influenced your own family in Ireland or abroad.

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Books About The Fenians
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