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Irish Film Stars

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Irish Films Discussion:     Irish Film Stars

Did ye know we Irish are massive into acting, it is true ye know because the sheer amount of Irish film stars tell us.

Hollywood as we know it (maybe thats a bad thing but fact never the less )could never have existed if it was not for a wee bit of land on the edge of Europe call ed Ireland and her Irish children all wee actors.

Irish Film Stars name them all

here is a few obvious to kick start

John Wayne
Anthony Quinn
Maureen O Hara
James Cagney
Pat O'Brien
then some less obvious
Irish Film Stars
John Candy
Gregory Peck
Bo Derek
Robert Redford
Mel Gibson
Buster Keaton
Colm Meaney
Gabriel Byrne
Brenda Fricker
Stephen Rea
Marlon Brando
Martin Sheen
Sean Penn
Errol Flynn
Pearse Brosnan
Sean Connery
George lazenby (who)
Timothy Dalton (it seems that old chubby eating broccoli 9 times out of 10 inisisted upon a Celtic look when he needed to 'portray' a good looking sassenach, "get me an Irish man" I need to pretend they are swarvey and sofaistikated)
Richard Todd
Michael Moore (I think he ate Richard Todd for he went awol about the same time as Michael burst onto celloloid )
Siobhan McKenna
Rita Hayworth
Spencer (frizzo) Tracey
Robert De Niro
Angelica Huston
Peter O Toole
Richard Harris
Gene Kelly
Colin Farrell
Kevin Kline
Peter Boyle
Michael Landon
Denis Leary
Angela Lansbury
Lara Flynn Boyle
The legend Barry Fitzgerald
Kenneth Branagh

Even some more
Irish Film Stars

Sean Bean
Tyrone Power
Aidan Quinn
Alberty Finney
Brendan Gleeson
Heath Ledger
Michael Keaton
Brad Pitt
Leonardo Di Caprio
Matt Damon
Jack Nicholson
Joan Cusack
Ben Affleck
Audie Murphy
Rock Hudson
Shirley MacLaine
Warren Beatty
Ronald Reagan
Mary Tyler Moore
The Barrymores
Macaulay Culkin
Tom Berenger
Frank McHugh
Frank Morgan
Lynn Overman
Bert Lahr
Lou Calhern
Jimmy Gleason
Allen Jenkins
Bob Armstrong
George M. Cohan
Will Rogers

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Irish Film Stars
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