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Location: Ireland

Irish Films Discussion:     Irish Movies Irish Films

Please make use of this Irish movies forum. This Irish movies section is designed so that you can interact with our very own Irish movies website to both provide information and easy feedback of general and specific Irish films.

Because the sceala Irish Movies site contains independent reviews on the Irish movies available, the web site itself will help anyone make an informed decision before buying or renting any Irish Mvie. Irish Movie reviews And right here in this section provides room for your personal questions, comments, review etc.., of Irish movies.

Posting An Irish Movie Review

When suggesting an Irish movie to watch, rent or buy Please use our own
Irish movies reviewers website to make suggestions. Feel free to post the link to any Irish movie that you have found an interest for on the sceala Irish movies website; or for a review that you think sums up any film found on our Irish moviw site

example a great Irish comedy movie is

I Went Down
You can find the correct url for any Irish book or review in the address bar (click inside and copy it and then use the weblink prompt Irish Community Images to post the url and the title of the book in the posting section)

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Irish Movies Irish Films
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