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Santa Loves Books

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Location: Boston

Irish Books Discussion:     Santa Loves Books

A job in sales is not for the faint of heart…it’s stressful and time consuming and at times makes you feel like you’re selling your soul to the devil (and I wish I was being dramatic!)…I wake up some mornings (like all this week and the beginning of next) and bury my head under the covers!

Even though today is in the middle of one of my hellish, soul-selling weeks, I was able to play Santa for a bit…

I ran two book promos last month, and I ended up with some extra copies of The Guards (Ken Bruen) and a new book called Skinny Bitching (Jenny Lee)…I sent out an email to 60 online winners and received some of the nicest emails back…people thanked me for making their day…one Boston Irish girl in the Air Force is stationed down in the Gulf Coast, and she said it made her month. Then today I’ve been giving out copies to people in the company…from the company owner right on down to a call center rep who makes $7 an hour!

If I could make a living giving books away to people…I would be so happy. Their eyes light up, and they give you a real smile – not just the tired, end-of-the-year, how is it the holidays already smile. It makes them happy, and I love it!

When I was in Dingle, I saw this small bookshop and thought what a wonderful thing it would be to own a bookstore…and then in Dublin I got lost in one near Trinity College. I was in there for an hour and could’ve stayed for the whole day. In Galway, I went to a few bookstores, including a great second-hand store off the main path. As much as I enjoyed the Book of Kells exhibit…the real moment for me was walking up the stairs into the Long Library…the smell of books, old books, dusty, musty…book shelves that tower overhead, filled to capacity with any kind of book you could imagine.

Reminded me a little of the four semesters I spent working at the Doheny Library on the USC campus…amazing marble, spiral staircases, vaulted ceilings, hidden rooms, window seats in the stacks…and books and doctoral thesis projects so old they near crumbled in your hand if you weren’t careful…and that wonderful smell of old books. If it hadn’t been for the poor pay, the monotony of shelving books and the horrible lighting, I probably would’ve stayed!

Oh, how I love books!

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