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Broken Harvest Irish Film

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Irish Films Discussion:     Broken Harvest Irish Film

A film that took my eye Is on tonight.

Broken Harvest I will record it as it does not start until 2 am and feed back when watched

I have never heard of it but it sounds worth watching.

Drama adapted from 'The Shilling' by Maurice O'Callaghan. Jimmy O'Leary reflects on his 50s childhood in Ireland, the time of a bitter feud between his father and his neighbour who had prior fought against each other in the civil war and for the love of the same women.

Starring Colin Lane (can't say I know him at all to see or think of even by the image) and Marian Quinn

Irish Films
Broken Harvest Irish Film

A review is on the Irish movies website

Does not mean it is any good (personal thing and all and I like saying no it is a pile of auld shite just for the sake of it now and then)
but a review that sounds promising

Customer Rating: 4/5
Summary: Finally, Ireland with no leprechauns or terrorists!
Comment: This is an interesting film that starts with a flashback to the Ireland of the 50's - a 50's alien to most of us. No TV's, little electricity, rudimentary radio. Ireland was strictly agrarian and suffering the drain of its people to America - especially New York, referred to as "the other Ireland". The adults of that time had lived through 'the troubles' of the Black and Tans and then the further horror of Civil War - with the 'Free-Staters' (Michael Collins followers) against the 'Republicans' (DeValera's contingent). It must have been horrible, though all that we're allowed to see is the reflection of the horror - much as the boy Jimmy O'Leary sees in his poor but proud father, Arthur's dealings with his prosperous Uncle Josie McCarthy who owns the farm next door, who loved and still loves Jimmy's mother. Arthur was a Republican and Josie a Free-Stater. Americans who expect to be 'told' every minute detail of explanation for characters' pasts may not like this film - but that's what makes it so good. We never know the full extent of that horror, but we come to appreciate and grow from that point; what the young man Jim finally achieves upon his return to the land of his father. The sound and lighting are a bit off and some of the actors are wooden but that adds to the niceness of the story, which is, as are the characters, rough around the edges.

There is another fair review on our own Irish movies site

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Broken Harvest Irish Film
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