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Mims New Irish Home

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Location: Returned home to Kerry Jan.2006

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Hi there!

Yep, all going well, and we are, oh so happy!!
Been to the UK and have packed up the house and brought the furniture we wanted to keep, over here. I wont even go into the expense of it all...and I don't have the time to give the saga of the return journey. Suffice to say, for various reasons, we chose to fly there and back...there was a thunder storm, and it put the power out and all nthe signals on the railway as we were on the train, to get to the airport (Gatwick)...a forty minute journey lasted 3 HOURS!!!!! We missed the plane, no more seats for 3 days, (summer rush on). Had to pay extortionate money to fly to Dublin airport that night and the same again to hire a car to Shannon to collect our car in the carpark there!!!
24 hours, NO SLEEP, we finally fell in our front door. I do not want to see another airport for some time.
My s had very long faces when we left. I wouldnt let them come aroiund the day we left, made it the night before, couldnt bear the scenes on the pavement by the removal lorry that day.

We hope to be in our new little house by September, I really cannot wait. We keep driving by it...just to make sure it's still there. LOL

Last Sunday we drove to Waterville, byond Cahersiveen , and we sat and watched about 20 dolphins going potty,for almost a couple of hours. That was pure magic! We see sea otters and seals quite often, just along from where we will live. Life is just so great, and we both look about 15 yrs younger.

Haven't even looked for a job yet, just enjoying it all for the moment.
We keep saying we wish we had done this sooner.

You go for it Inish, just do it!!

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Mims New Irish Home
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