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off the cigs

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Location: Liverpool

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     off the cigs

i didnt want to say anything over the weekend.
i have not smoked since 19.00 hrs on friday night.
i do about 40 a day,a heavy smoker.
when i was home last week.i walked to the local pub in dublin,maybe a half mile.
i had to stop 3 times to get my breath,the tight chest thing.
on thur night my other half asked me to get her a little whiskey from the offlicense.
i walked over maybe 150 yards and i had to stop once to get breath again.
i though to myself after smoking since i was 14 and now 52, got to cut this out. i know its late in life but i hope i last out.
gave myself a good test yesterday evening went to the pub with a few friends,some of them smoke,i purposely got drunk to see could i stay away,the more i drank the more determined i got and came home drunk and cig free.
i was delighted with myself.
tpday on the computer,if i think of them i want one but if i can keep it out of my mind its no prob.
i am not trying bravado,i am just hoping i have the will power to keep it up.
i get my cigs off a smuggler,they cost 3pd stg a pack.
i spend 6pd a day.
this is tues day5.
30 pd saved to date. 52dollars about.

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off the cigs
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