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An October Tale

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Sceala Clann Counsellor
Location: Tir Na Nog

Irish Poetry Writers Forum Discussion:     An October Tale

An October Tale

This warm Fall day came unawares
Leaves fallin' through the sunlit air
Though t'will not last more so the glory
The colors of Autumn tell the story

Do not despair O Summer Maiden!
Though once yer apple tree was laden
The harvest that yer bough once bore
Shall seed anew and grow once more

But not this day, for the gentle breeze
Has fled south to do as it so pleases
Tomorrow the harsh winds will blow
Heraldin' the soon-to-come Winter snow

The woodland faerie knows what follows
The departin' flight of the nutbrown swallows
Whistlin' as she works to get things done
She basks in the bright October sun

She thatches the roof, she patches her floor
Acorns fill the holes in her cottage door
Old Man Winter's chilly willies shan't
Go pokin' cold fingers where they can't

Fall days end when the sun goes down
Night spreads out far her evenin' gown
And the faeries in their forest keep
Pull down their shades and go to sleep

The story told my tale is done
All colored rosy by the settin' sun
The stars are winkin' peekin' through
Ceilin' tiles of twilight blue

Good night! Good night!
The whispered call
Good night ! say the faeries
And I to all...

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An October Tale
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