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Reviews Of The Wind That Shakes The Barley

       Reviews Of The Wind That Shakes The Barley Reviews Of The Wind That Shakes The Barley Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Reviews Of The Wind That Shakes The Barley

The Irish award winning film The Wind That Shakes The Barley is the biggest film from Ireland for years, so it is worthwhile and unselfish (if time consuming) in the not spoiling it for folks who want to see it!

The other topic just talks of the time and main award news and actors involved with the The Wind That Shakes The Barley Movie and has only very general press reviews that say little about the film really (and why would they! for as is now known some of the early closet far right brit nationalist brigade critics (Oirish like Brute Fugly Headweirds among them)surprise surprise had not actually even seen the film)

Do not carry on the reading of this if ye are planning on to be seeing the movie anytime soon as this contains Reviews and opinions Of The film The Wind That Shakes The Barley and a good deal of the actual film as clips.

If the clips get any longer then ye won't need to go and see the film

The Wind that shakes the barley clip 1 is
The opening of the film the wind that shakes the barley, near 9 minutes and has the Hurlers arguing among the granite and furze hills of West Cork; this clip does well showing how the brutal inteferrance by foreigners designed to inhibit and scare, instead actually drove many prior unwitting Irish into the struggle to get the foreign terrorist (here only by greater force of arms and terrorist threat) british system out of Ireland.

The Wind that shakes the barley clip
This is another near 9 minute clip of the film, it is the part where after the main slugging of black and tans by Barry's column, the volunteers are after realising and so deliberating the treaty on offer

Just some of my thoughts of the wind that shakes the barley is inside with the clips, I have still not given the film story away and for those who know the very troubled history of the period the film has no surprises anyway (nor should it).

This part has a interesting piece where the local lad refuses to give his name in anything but Irish and the angry ignorance and then cowardly and evil brutality shown to the Irish (even kids and women) by the legitimised (by themselves and by the head terrorists in whitehall) terrorising forces of the crown .

Head terrorists like Winston of the vested thousands of acres of Ulster land owning family interests Churchill - that wee chubby fecker who bragged how he rode around on horse back shooting unarmed and bewildered dervishes in the face and even wrote about it in a biography as if he was brave and not a chubby spoilt rotten evil wee cur from a obscenely rich family who's wealth from past deeds (what would be described today fairly as organised crime family), who got even luckier in life when a even bigger bastard Hitler, gave him a look of someone brave and noble and yet despite his blustering rherotic! the british people themselves still turfed him out of office at the next peacetime opportunity) Churchill and the rubber stamping lloyd George.

Irish Community Video

The Wind that shakes the barley clip
This is another near 9 minute clip of the film, it is the part where after the main slugging of black and tans the volunteers are realising the treaty on offer (as we all know an offer of take it or be shot by the big guns that will be rained down upon the Irish people in their own land by the terrorist churchill! the definition of terrorism is someone who forces political will or change by threat or acts of violence! and so therefore churchill was a terrorist! and he certainlt never had the option of being called a freedom fighter, churchill was just a common terrorist) and one signed on their behalf; what they are about to actually get for all their sacrifice and loss.

Irish Community Video

The latter film is an interesting insight of imagination of what many a conversation may have been like between former comrades from the same community; but a strange part for me to watch, this is one of those parts I meant, it is for me more like witnessing a local meeting than a film, more like going to see a local amateur dramatics (which I just might start doing as I noticed one very buxom thing in the papers last week acting the goat in a nearby amateur dramatics group and I would not mind being the farmer out looking for her one night in the odd week every month) too real locally to not get distracted.
And the plot a mixing up of real events and peoples deeds simply swapped for anothers and rewritten as fiction did not help; and a plot which to me slightly insults some of the folks who took the british evil system on. For instance it has the character who acts out the feat of Tom Barry's at Kilmichael (the dressing up as a tan to slow the lorries down and then firing at them pistol drawn) as the eventual man who promoted the treaty, yet Tom Barry was anti treaty!

It is clearly based on the two Hales brothers yet has the deaths the complete opposite way around! it was the pro treaty who got assassinated and the anti treaty lived on.

Which sort of stinks of a cheap effort at a screen play imo

The lack of real intense flame of passion that response to foreign violence necessitates and brings was not that present enough through out; well either that it was not that great acting or directing. (but then, the two main actors said (two main republican anti treaty males) they were prior largely ignorant of the times and their families were not directly involved.

Irish people were tortured by Churchills terrorist mobs.
these british terrorist mobs even attacked and raped innocent women - (see military witness files)

For a scale of british cowardice and terrorism and Churchill brute thuggery see -
even the fascist Oswald Mosley who was appalled by british and churchills actions in Ireland at this time and would later comment on reported atrocities of the Vietnam war he argued that ‘everything that happened in Vietnam and Algeria occurred first in Ireland.

Hales and Pat Hartes torture under British arch coward and Singapore surrender monkey Arthur Percival decorated for being a terrorist in Ireland by a branch of a pan European Germanic organised crime family seated in Buckingham palace.
Irish Community Images

Movie glossed over the so called UK state sanctioned terrorism against people it claimed were citizens.

That is not saying it isn't a worthwhile film, it is!
There is in the film a very good bit to pause and rewind for those who still think that the RC Church equals Irish freedom or defenders of the Irish people. Go read the history of the vast majority of Irish actually involved (not the politicians now, I mean those who fought for community, Ireland, the Irish and no obvious or inevitable comforts or reward) be they folks of 1916, the tan war, the border campaign to the present! and ye will at the very least think again about the matters of a universal (as in 'the universe') church being for the freedom of Ireland.

Now this is done, I wil add more more thoughts of The Wind that shakes the barley as they occur for my mind to feel like writing.

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Reviews Of The Wind That Shakes The Barley
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