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Immigration to the U.S.

       Immigration to the U.S. Immigration to the U.S. Information
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augres jack

Location: AuGres, Michigan

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Immigration to the U.S.

Last Saturday, I drove down to the Detroit area (200 miles) to visit with son/daughter-in-law. After watching football in the afternoon, we decided to meet a couple I know in the Mexican Town area at a place called Mexican Village. The couple I've known for 35 years, the wife having got here from Mexico back then.

Holy shite! Used to be 3-4 restaurants in a group. Now, there are a few dozen.......all packed full of folks of all colors, and MANY of the employees hardly speaking english. Some perhaps crossed the river near Texas, and then kept on walking to Michigan. The menu was 95% in Spanish, with pictures tho, and I had to rely on my friend's wife to help order. She was rattling off the language.

What I mostly liked was the fact that the whole area seemed 'safe" which is unlike Detroit, in many areas. Have not seen so many smiles in a long time. We were really welcome. It was hard to find a table, but we did. Most places had some bouncers near the entrance and once past them....all was well.

What was even more amazing was the fact that hardly anything on the menu exceeded $10 and the servings were huge. Just out of the area, there were many neighborhood mom and pop stores catering to the new U.S. arrivals. The sidewalks were full of Spanish folks, all happy, and apparently.....home for them. And most were dressed as if it was a great night out for them.

Gonna go again next time the mariachi (sp) bands everywhere.

Sorry about this post. Is on my mind.

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Immigration to the U.S.
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