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augres jack

Location: AuGres, Michigan

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Musings.

Of the 114 Division 1 college football teams.......Ohio State is ranked #1 and Michigan is ranked #2. And they play on Saturday before 100,000 fans. Both are undefeated and scarce tickets are going for near a thousand dollars and up. Notre Dame is ranked #5 or so, and lurking. ND lost once, to Michigan and would like a rematch.

Today is the opening day of the firearm deer season in Michigan. Schools are closed. It is said that 750,000 hunters will be out and that 450,000 deer will be slain. The bambis know it....I have none in my yard lately...staying hid. It is also said that the hunters will spend $500 million in 2 weeks time in the state.

I am going to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house next week. Gonna skip the normal turkey and try to do a prime rib. Wish me luck. Anybody got any special tips on how to do this other than cook it slowly? Been to the sites on the net for instructions.

All our leaves are down and it is raining right now, with snow to follow soon. Hoping for a lot to fall. The hunters should bring their fishing gear as this is the very best time.....just before the first ice freeze of the season. The brave will have success. Whitefish are near shore in the Great Lakes like herring and steelhead trout are in most rivers now.

My oldest son is going to graduate from law school on January 20 after 5 years of night school, while working days. Gotta hand it to him for plugging along the way he has.

It is almost 2 a.m. and I cannot sleep. Up again. Received sleeping pills from the doctor and they are useless. Are there any home remedies anybody has? Don't suggest Jamison.

Sorry for the rambling..........

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