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She walked into the office, it's going to be just another day at work. Lately life has been hard, more downs that ups. She tries to stay on the bright side of life but today....she is tired, bored, is this it?

An attractive enough woman, middle aged...single for a long time. No interest in meeting someone mainly because she is afraid. The fear of love, the fear of cellulite and lights in the bedroom. It's easier to eat a bowl of cookie dough ice cream and watch old romantic movies. Her heart wants more but her head says no.

Making a pot of coffee for the guys, she works with men...all the testosterone she can stand. So many clients walk in during the day, many many men of all ages. She conducts herself in a very business like manner never looking too long into someones eyes...nope she doesn't want to go there. If your eyes linger just a little too long it says 'you can have me', well she wouldn't risk that. Besides it would only cause hassles in her life. She would have to share the ice cream and switch to low fat...not to mention buying low watt light bulbs too.

Typing away on the computer the orders of the day, eye glasses sitting on the tip of her nose the door opens. In walks a young man...she looks over her glasses to give a look to see how he could be helped. Introductions.

Taking off her glasses she feels her face flush...just like that...what is happening? There is something between the both of's obvious. She starts to sound like a jibbering school girl in her head but on the outside she was in control. Trying not to look too long into his blue eyes that wouldn't dare look away from her blues.

They chat, she makes a copy of his order, her back turned to him...she thought 'I'm so glad I wore my new low rise Levi's that show my shape perfectly, I feel sexy in glad I took extra care this morning getting ready'. She turns around and sees him looking at her low rise jeans on her firm behind....she does look and feel damn good in those jeans she thought.

Handing him the paper their hands touch....their eyes look quickly at each other...silly exchanges of 'well...thank you....nice to meet you....see you again' er uh er uh it's so obvious they are attracted to each other she thought and while she is thinking this the thought she would see him couldn't happen soon enough. I mean the smiles from ear to's not natural, or is it she thought. He left smiling...gave her that tilted head look with the eyes flirting. They were flirting.

Excited inside for no apparant reason other than she just had a connection, she hoped. She struts to the ladies room to brush her hair and see how she looked...see how he saw her. She shouldn't have.

On the back of her new jeans which she washed once had a little green sticker on the bum that read in bold black letters 'inspected by #52'.

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