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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIM!

Yep - tis herselfs day today.

Hope yer day is full of warm Irish winds,
earthy scents of her soil,
the sound of the sea licking her shores,
and passionate embraces from yer Irishman.

Happy Birthday dear Mim

Soooooooooooooooooo, WHAT KIND of cake are we having today, to celebrate?

YO, Rosaleen - call yer brothers - we'll need barrels of booze for this one. PLEASE try not to drink it all BEFORE the party!
YO Inisheer - round up the musicians ( yes yes - even the ones from yer groupie days- can't wait for THOSE stories!)
YO Darlene - grab the candles (psssst - the ones that never go out - oh and we'll need alot of them - our lass isn't getting any younger ye know-hee hee)
YO Lion - grab yer loincloth & prepare to dance - Roarrrrrrr
YO Blue - what shape is that per leg of yers in? Oh and don't forget the eye patch. Oh and keep that blasted Parrot on yer shoulder - it flew up me skirt last party!
YO Jack - grab yer gavel - more than likely we'll need to bang on a few heads before THIS night is over!
YO Finn - you'd best gather some of the locals - we'll need them on OUR side after this fiasco - try & make them our friends instead of enemies. Better folow Irish culture on this one.
YO TJ - you get the balloons - huh? you want to blow them up into WHAT shape?
Yo Voodoo - you'd better get this on tape. Bring a family pack of batteries while yer at it. Gonna be MANY Kodak moments at THIS party! trust me - this WILL give ye material for yer next book!
YO Sigh -get the ice cream (that's right - ALL 34 Baskin Robbins flavors or however many they have now!)
YO Maggie - write us a poem luv will ye? Should have plenty of ammunition here.
YO Greg50 - NO ye do not have to be the DD -designated driver - we'll all probably crash where we fall anyway - even, no 'especially' YOU!
YO Garyowen & Bilbloat - YES YES ye can gather up the twins in the area - rascals - just don't forget the Doublemint. Boys will be boys!
YO Shir - ye are in charge of the cake. Oh and please - no Chippendale dancers popping out of it THIS time. Oh and no dynamite either - we were cleaning up pieces of cake after Finns party for months!

The rest of us will just fill in the gaps. Personally - think I'LL take care of the food this time. All's I got was one measly meatball at our last one and I had to wrestle it from Darlene.

Gobshites-the lot of ye!

Ahhhhh but, we do know how to throw a party!

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