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Irish cocaine money

       Irish cocaine money Irish cocaine money Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Irish cocaine money

Irish researchers from Dublin City University who carried out a random sample of Irish banknotes found traces of cocaine on every single one. The Irish 100 % cocaine banknote money findings is higher than a recent US study which found two thirds of dollar bills tainted by cocaine.

Every one of the 45 banknotes sampled tested positive for trace quantities of cocaine, according to the research results published in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal, the Analyst. Traces of heroin were also detected on three of the notes.

The Irish study found 62 % of the notes were contaminated with levels of cocaine at concentrations greater than 2 nanograms per note, with 5 % of the notes showing levels greater than 100 times higher, indicating suspected direct use of the note in either drug dealing or drug inhalation. The highest amounts of cocaine residues were found on 20 and 50 euro bank notes, as compared to 5 and 10 euro notes.

The study suggests the remainder of the money showed only "ultra-trace quantities of cocaine" were most probably the result of contact with other cocaine contaminated notes, which could have occurred within bank counting machines or from other cocaine contaminated surfaces.

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Irish cocaine money
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