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Who are most anti Irish

       Who are most anti Irish Who are most anti Irish Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Glasgow

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Who are most anti Irish

No the English.

It is the Scots. I am in Glasgow, but not Scottish. I am Irish.
Among the Scots are the most anti Irish bastards out. It is not just one or two. 100,000 sectarian & racist orange Mhuns prove that.
Even when they win they are cowardly evil bastards.

Examples of anti Irish racism in Scotland. land of the Orange lager bully boy.

Exclusive: Celtic star Neil Lennon was minutes from death after swallowing tongue in sectarian street attack
Sep 3 2008 By Mark Mcgivern And Lachlan Mackinnon
CELTIC coach Neil Lennon was minutes from death after swallowing his tongue during a vicious street attack.
The Record can reveal that the star was in danger of choking to death after the cowardly attack in the early hours of Monday.
Helpless Lennon was laid into while on the ground, suffering a black eye and a gash that needed stitches.
He also had a large lump on the back of his head - where he was initially struck by his assailants - which caused concussion.
The Record can also reveal that detectives took CCTV images from Ashton Lane in Glasgow's west end to Lennon's home onMonday night.
He was asked to watch the incident played on his TV, with girlfriend Irene at his side, as police tried to discover the identity of the attackers.
A source said: "Neil was not expecting to be attacked from behind, so his guard was down.
"He got battered with great force, possibly with a bottle, although it's possible that his head hit a wall.
"He hit the deck and took a real kicking when he was down. He swallowed his tongue and wasn't able to breathe properly until it was taken out."
It was unclear to Lennon, who was unconscious for several minutes, who had taken his tongue from his mouth.

The source added: "Someone has saved Neil's life - this could very easily have been a murder investigation. Police were called to the scene at around 25 minutes past midnight but it is believed an ambulance had already been alerted bythis time."
The source rubbished reports in one newspaper that Lennon had been the aggressor against two elderly men, one of whom knocked him out.
He said: "One paper said he was attacked by a couple of old men after he had been noising them up, which is offensive and absurd.
"He nearly lost his life and he has to deal with stupid slurs like that on top.
It's pathetic."
Police yesterday confirmed they were treating the attack as sectarian.
They said they were searching for two men aged in their 40s in connection with the incident.
One was of heavy build, wearing a light blue shirt and a black leather jacket. The second was wearing a light coloured shirt.

Racism and Glasgow Rangers

Madam, - Given that Ireland's current economic slowdown is expected to result in an increase in racism, I believe that Scotland provides a good example of what Ireland needs to guard against in its treatment of immigrants.
I read your Michael Walker's article on the Celtic-Rangers match with great interest. I was invited to the match by a client and heard the singing from the Rangers fans. It wasn't difficult to decipher as the Celtic team was completely dominated by Rangers, resulting in a stunned silence from the Celtic fans and non-stop noise from the Rangers supporters.
There was much abuse aimed at Celtic players who were not of Scottish origin, with a Pole and a Japanese player being the target of sickening insults. But this abuse paled in comparison with the anti-Irish chants aimed at the Celtic fans and at the Irish international player Aidan McGeady. Most distressing of all, however, was a song, aimed I assume at all Irish people, which repeated the line: "The famine is over, why don't you go home?"

This casual racism does not appear to be confined to Rangers fans alone, as one of Scotland's red-tops had a cartoon the following Tuesday making a joke about the post-match assault with Neil Lennon the former Celtic captain, who was depicted with bandages and black eyes.
Although Irish people have been part of Scottish society for over 160 years the cancer of racism still persists. I hope Irish people will remember this should racism come to the fore in this land of emigrants and immigrants. - Yours, etc,

What other country would allow this bampot to be a referee.

SPL referee Mike McCurry filmed singing Rangers anthem in a church
Sep 21 2008 By Steve Dinneen
This is SPL referee Mike McCurry belting out Rangers anthem Simply The Best in front of his stunned congregation.

Irish Community Video

This video footage shows the controversial whistler leading a chorus of the song in his church - the day after the Ibrox team beat Celtic in a crucial Old Firm game. The Tina Turner hit is a huge favourite among Rangers fans and the club play it over the public speaker system before games.

The film shows the Baptist minister donning a giant foam hand.
McCurry, 44, was at the centre of controversy in May after a series of blunders in a match.

Dundee United manager Craig Levein accused him of bias after his team lost 3-1 to Rangers.

Then his affair with 21-year-old Sunday school teacher Victoria Mathers was exposed in June.

He went to ground for two months but returned to top-flight action three weeks ago and today takes charge of a match between Kilmarnock and Celtic.

The video shows him handing out red and yellow giant foam hands to the congregation at Mosspark Baptist church in Glasgow.

He jokes he had always wanted to send a football player off in the last match he referees while wearing an outsized glove.

He introduces the "last hymn", saying: "Can you put the words up on the screen please?

"We'll sing this then we'll say closing prayer. If any of you are going through a hard time, I'd be delighted to pray with you.

"The bottom line is, this is a great church and we've got a great God. He's simply the best.

"Most of you will know the tune - the words might be a little bit different. We're going to stand, point, sing, clap, do whatever.

"And we're going to tell Jesus we think he's simply the best."

The video then shows McCurry dancing and clapping his hands as he sings along. He cups his hand to his ear, mimicking the famous "I can't hear you" goal celebration used by footballers.

The congregation applaud when the song finishes but many look bemused during the performance.

One assembly member said: "Everyone knows it's a big Rangers song and there were a few raised eyebrows for him to be giving it laldy the day after an Old Firm game.

"He did make clear it was praising God but to be asked to sing that song on that day did surprise people a little bit.

"The lyrics change in church to 'He touches my heart' instead of 'I'm stuck on your heart' and I'm sure there was no malice intended."

A member of McCurry's assembly said the classic anthem was played on March 30 - the morning after Rangers had beaten Celtic 1-0 at Ibrox.

The match was widely seen as a title clincher for Gers but they were overtaken by Celtic in the race to the SPL title.

Yesterday there were no replies to calls to McCurry's mobile phone or to the church.

This is not a Celtic man saying that Mike McCurry is a cheating hun.
Scotlands shame, it is the most anti Irish place on earth outside the Shankill road.

Irish Community Video

It all backfired on the cheating hun bam scum, Celtic still won the league.

Celtic chairman John Reid has condemned as racist one of the songs chanted by fans of Glasgow rivals Rangers at the recent Old Firm derby.
The Famine Song refers to events that killed an estimated one million people in the 1840s and led to a mass migration from Ireland.
"We should condemn racism and sectarianism without fear or favour wherever they arise," said Reid.
"That is an essential part of Celtic Football Club's ethos."
Reid has written to Celtic fans about the controversy that erupted after Rangers' 4-2 victory on 31 August.

The Ibrox club have since asked their fans to refrain from singing the song, which includes the line: "The famine's over, why don't you go home."
Rangers also sought guidance from Strathclyde Police on the matter with a view to making singing the song an arrestable offence, although the Rangers Supporters Trust defended the chant, saying it was not racist, and no worse than any other football song.

And former the north of Ireland Secretary Reid said: "As both Rangers Football Club and Strathclyde Police have stated, the content of the song - which is directed against the community of Irish descent in Scotland - is in breach of Race Relations legislation and exposes its perpetrators to the risk of prosecution.
"The Irish Famine was a human tragedy of immense proportions. It is one of the few such events for which the British Government has expressed specific regret for its share of responsibility.
"Few of those who sing this song will have stopped to think that famine is non-sectarian and the millions of people who died or were forced into mass emigration - some of them to Scotland - were from all faiths and traditions within Ireland."

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