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Is Gregory Campbell a bigot

        Is Gregory Campbell a bigot Is Gregory Campbell a bigot Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Glasgow

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Is Gregory Campbell a bigot

How can anyone think that Greg Campbell is a small minded ignorant myth cherishing idolatysing monrachy loving anti irish racist hate mongering big man when with a gun who selectively condemsn 'some 'violence' evil cur bigot.

How can anyone say that?

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Did we not witness Gregorys concern for his fellow Irishman Neil Lennon, when he was viciously attacked from behind by 2 coward rangers fans.

What others think
So what that he is not the finest example of a human, Campbell may not be the sort of man who says anything about anti Irish racist songs, and his only concern may well be to try and perversely place racism in context, whataboutery at it's most hypocritical.

After all how can Gregory campbell be anything but sensible a man to be respected, even if this is a man born in Ireland who appears to do little in life bar complain about anything Irish, a man who mocked the Irish language.
So what his own surname is ultimately derived from Irish Gaelic influence or Gaeilge, and should inform even the most ignorant of ancient Gaelic Irish influence.

Campbell is a Irish and Scottish name of ancient Irish Gaelic origins
Gaelic origins = ultimately sourced from Ireland and particularly the Irish language.

Gregory is a human who "actually believes" he is different, a representative of some kind of lost British not Irish tribe, 100% pure descended from the cruthin, a group that he wants to believe came from Scotland and have no Irish Gaelic connections.

Gregory actually (wants to believe) thinks he is a direct pure line descendant of this supposed distinct and pure people from pre recorded history of thousands of years ago.
The cruthin that according to greg (and his minority kind) somehow managed to remain not only distinct (definitely not Irish) group, but a pure people.
According to Gregs (not exactly thought through) ideas, his minority in Ireland is not only descended from a distinct and pure not Irish people, but extra super amazing because they were protestant evangelical Christians (and not pagan) over a thousand years before history actually records the breakaway "Protestant" movement from "within" the Roman Catholic church.

Absolutely amazing family history! literally!

Maybe it is a case that people like Gregory need to believe in the cruthin, a group that actually has no credible history (of any form) that distinctly separates them from other tribes, or connects them with anywhere else but Ireland and being Irish and Gaelic Irish speaking.

Leaving aside the fact that most all so called Protestants (which is not a distinct religion) are descended from people who were once Roman Catholic, and were Roman Catholic for centuries. The very reason why we have the word protestant! Leaving aside that fact!

It is no wonder then that Gregor Campbell is so proud of his supposed 100% pure (not Irish) ancestors, these truly amazing people who defied all logic and credibility.

It is possible that some may say that Gregory Campbell is a selectively ignorant plastic british nationalist extremist, a common extremist if not lunatic nationalist of the type seen the world over.
That selectively ignorant extremist nationalist type, sadly witnessed the world over who have been raised in myths and ignorance and filled with fears and hate by default.

While others may say gregory cambell is not a common bigot and anti Irish racist, reared up on ignorance and hate.
Some might argue that in no way is this man a demented extremist of the fascist stereotype, that has no interest in logic or reason or real understanding of interest in any shared human history.

Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

Maybe decent ordinary Irish and British People should just pity any of these plastic british nationalist extremists, who behave nothing like real British people, and who give the real ordinary regular British people a bad name.
Maybe the decent should stand up and tell extremists that they do not represent them.

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