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Irish wake up

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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Irish wake up

More drunk Poles stabbing other to death over the weekend.
And HIV risk Africans running wild
Garda cut by naked lady gets 15,000
By Ray Managh
A former garda sergeant who had to chase a naked and violent Nigerian woman through the streets of a town has been awarded 15,000 damages for post-traumatic stress.

Michael Corduff, now retired from the Garda National Immigration Bureau, said the woman was part of a Nigerian family he had been detailed in October 2005 to bring to Dublin Airport for deportation.

He told the High Court that following an indication of resistance by the woman, on behalf of her partner and little baby, they had been taken in a minibus to Drogheda Garda Station.

While there the woman started to remove all her clothes in protest and when he tried to stop her she had hit out at him.

"Then she tried to scrape me and broke free, running naked out on to the street," Mr Corduff told the court.

He said he had chased her along the street and across a car park into a shopping centre. He had been pursuing her through the shopping centre when an off-duty garda saw the chase and joined in to help.

They eventually "secured" her in the shopping centre car park and she had thrown herself to the ground where she had been held until assistance arrived.

Mr Corduff, of Castleknock Avenue, Castleknock, Dublin, said she refused to put on her clothes. Eventually they put her in the minibus with her partner and baby and had set off for the airport.

She had remained aggressive throughout the journey to the airport. It was while at the airport that he noticed his hand had been cut and was bleeding.


He told the court, that he had the wound washed and dressed at the airport and when he visited his doctor the following day he had been advised to have blood taken for Hepatitis C and HIV testing.

Mr Corduff (56) said the possibility of contracting the diseases had played on his mind for months after the incident.

He told the court he did not know if his hand injury had been caused by a bite or a scrape.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine said Mr Corduff had been placed in a very unattractive position of having to chase and restrain the naked woman. She said he had to be compensated for the anxiety he suffered waiting for the blood test results.

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Irish wake up
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