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If Lynch Had Invaded RTE1

       If Lynch Had Invaded RTE1 If Lynch Had Invaded RTE1 Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     If Lynch Had Invaded RTE1

By request.
If Lynch Had Invaded
Documentary exploring how Irish Taoiseach Jack Lynch dealt with the crisis of 12th August 1969. Featuring commentary from Irish Defence Forces Captain Tom Clonan.
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One To Watch: If Lynch Had Invaded
If Lynch Had Invaded
This interesting and informative ninety-minute documentary special explores the events that took place in August 1969 following the violent Battle of Bogside in Derry, when then Taoiseach Jack Lynch made a public television speech expressing his dismay regarding the outbreak and suggesting that Irish Armies would get involved if necessary. The once-off show will investigate the consequences of this famed broadcast and what possibly could have happened if a military invasion had in fact taken place.
RTE says this of the programme: "Revealing the details of those extraordinary military plans, this is the story of what happened during one of the most dramatic and dangerous episodes in recent Irish history - and it's the story of what could have happened 'if Lynch had invaded'."
If Lynch Had Invaded 9.35pm on RTE1.

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If Lynch Had Invaded On RTE
31 Aug 2009 |

Belfast company DoubleBand Films this week presents its latest work on RTÉ One, the 90 minute feature documentary ‘If Lynch Had Invaded’.

As rioting raged in Derry and elsewhere in the north of Ireland, at 9.00 pm on the 13th August 1969 the then Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, made a dramatic speech on RTÉ radio and television and declared that “the Irish government can no longer stand by and see innocent people injured and perhaps worse.” The implicit meaning of these words has always proved a source of great debate for would-be interpreters. And this documentary investigates the course of alternative history that may have come to pass had Lynch acted on these, now famous, words.

‘If Lynch Had Invaded’ was written and directed by Michael Hewitt, produced by Jonathan Golden and is presented by Keelin Shanley (Prime Time) and Tom Clonan (Security Correspondent, The Irish Times)

Through dramatised ‘reconstruction’ and CGI effects ‘If Lynch Had Invaded’ goes on to explore what might have happened, both politically and on the battlefield, had Irish soldiers crossed the border into the north – in other words, if Ireland had gone to war with Britain.

The documentary features interviews with eye-witnesses to the dramatic events of that period including Des O’Malley (former Parliamentary Secretary to Jack Lynch), TK Whitaker (former advisor to Lynch on N. Ireland), Des Fisher (former Deputy Head of News at RTE), Bernadette McAliskey, Eamonn McCann, Tony Benn, John Taylor, Sir Ken Bloomfield, and historians Michael Kennedy, Diarmaid Ferriter, Stephen Collins, and Thomas Hennessey.

In the words of Michael Hewitt, writer & director of the documentary: “This documentary offers a unique insight into the remarkable tensions within Jack Lynch’s cabinet at this incredibly tense time. It also reveals how senior members of the government were prepared to go so far as to advocate an armed response to the situation in the north of Ireland.“

‘If Lynch Had Invaded’ will be shown on RTÉOne on Tuesday, September 1st at 9.35pm
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If Lynch Had Invaded RTE1
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