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Mayor of Limerick talking sense -too many chancer immigrants

       Mayor of Limerick talking sense -too many chancer immigrants Mayor of Limerick talking sense -too many chancer immigrants Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Mayor of Limerick talking sense -too many chancer immigrants

Thu Nov 12, 2009

A high profile politician has dared to say out loud, what the vast majority of Irish people believe. We have too many immigrants and we can not afford them, that is a statement of basic economics.
For speaking common sense, the Mayor is labelled a racist.
This is because basic economics do not matter to the Nimby liberal brigade. Immigrants in unprecedented numbers have thus far caused little negative impact upon them and theirs, contrary, for most wealthy liberals, cheap imported labour has made them even wealthier.
It is easy for the nimby liberal to selfishly label common sense as simply racist.
The Mayor of Limerick's only error was not going far enough on this concern. He must know that Ireland has suffered a unprecedented number of immigrants.

Mayor of Limerick's comments branded 'racist'
Kathryn Hayes
Controversial comments by the Mayor of Limerick, who has called for the deportation of EU nationals who fail to secure employment in Ireland, have been branded 'ill-informed ' and 'racist ' and have led to calls for his resignation.

Fine Gael councillor Kevin Kiely made the remarks in an interview with the Limerick Leader newspaper, in which he called for a review of social welfare payments to non-Irish nationals, given the current economic crisis.

There is no legal basis for deporting unemployed EU nationals.

When contacted yesterday Mr Kiely said he was standing over the comments, which he insisted were aimed at EU nationals who are abusing Ireland 's 'generous social welfare system '.

A spokesman for Fine Gael said Mr Kiely was speaking in a personal capacity and it was 'not the stated view of the party '.
Labour MEP Alan Kelly described Mr Kiely 's comments as 'outrageous ' and called on him to step down.
The Limerick mayor insisted yesterday he was not racist and he would not be stepping down. 'I'm calling for anybody who is living in the State and who can't afford to pay for themselves to be deported after three months,' he told the Limerick Leader.
Mr Kiely added that he had no problem with foreign nationals who had worked and settled here and who had since lost their jobs, saying these people were perfectly entitled to help from the State.

'The people I am talking about are the non-nationals that are coming in here on a weekly basis and they are coming in here because of our generous social welfare system,' he said.
'I'm asking the relevant Minister to give instructions to departments right around the country to monitor these people and, if they are not looking for work, there should be some situation or some measure where before a period of say, three to six months, if they can't find employment that they should be returned to the country of their origin.'

Former Fine Gael MEP John Cushnahan said he wished to dissociate himself with Mr Kiely's 'unacceptable' comments.
Mr Kelly said the mayor's views were 'more in line with those of Nick Griffin of the BNP, than with the people of Limerick'.
A spokeswoman for the Immigrant Council of Ireland said Mr Kiely's 'ill-informed comments are more likely to fuel antiimmigrant sentiment by creating resentment against people who have a right to live here'.

Ill informed comments That is a false accusation.
Over 20% on the Dole are foreign immigrants.
Over 30% collecting rent welfare are foreign immigrants.
When these immigrants were working, most of them were on minimum wages and not paying a single cent in any tax. Most of them sent more money home than they spent in Ireland. Billions are gone and still going out of our economy, lost forever. At the same time those of us who pay tax, have to pay for the children of immigrants to over crowd our schools and limit the available resources to our own children. We have to pay millions to teach some of these immigrants English. We have to pay more millions providing translators in legal proceedings. The Garda Siochana spent almost '3 million on interpreters last year, as the number of immigrants requiring translators continued to grow

These figures are indisputable facts from the government offices involved.
Take the immigrants out of the equation and Ireland will be fine.
Our free hand outs are so good, they all come here to collect dole and welfare.
This has got to stop, we can not afford to pay for non nationals and we did not want this many here anyway.
Everyone Irish I know is now anti these immigrants, they have taken us for a ride and laughing at us.
We have immigrant numbers in unprecedented levels.
It is not just Eastern Europeans.
Does anyone know why there are so many Asians here?
Why are they here? Are India and Pakistan part of the EU.

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Mayor of Limerick talking sense -too many chancer immigrants
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