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Shameless Church of England interference in Ireland.

       Shameless Church of England interference in Ireland. Shameless Church of England interference in Ireland. Information
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Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Shameless Church of England interference in Ireland.

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The leader of the English Crown religion, informs the world that the Roman Catholic church in Ireland has lost all credibility.

Why did the leader of the shameless Church of England imagine that he needed to be concerned with the problems of any other religion?

Imagine this old man thinking he represents a church of superior moral code.
Historically there is no more evil religion in Ireland than the Anglican.
Examples of the Evils of the Anglican church in Ireland.
A conservative estimate is at least 60,000 Irish children were murdered by the Anglican Church of Ireland foundling scheme

Anglican Church evil rents tithes on the Irish natives, that caused generational extremes of poverty

The Church of the English crown [and its Anglican, and Orange and Masonic brotherhood around the world] have plenty enough evil within their own ranks to be concerned with.
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Then there is of course the stark reality of supposed great Britain. This is just the level of child abuse in England and Wales.
According to the NSPCC, which obtained the information from chief constables in England and Wales by way of a Freedom of Information request, there were 23,000 incidents of child sexual abuse reported to the police between March 2009 and April 2010.
In the same period about 2,000 people were charged with sexual offences against children and 1,000 convicted.

The British Daily Telegraph recently reported that there were 18 complaints of incidents sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in 2010. There were no convictions.
Most abuse, sadly, is committed in the home

The real history of the Anglican church
The Anglican church in Ireland has a very cynical and evil past. The Anglican Bishops designed poverty and encouraged ignorant sectarian division and hatred in Ireland.

Another Historical fact is the Anglican church became very wealthy on sectarian or racist divisions and the extreme forced poverty of native populations around the world.

The Anglican church and their so called royal demi Gods leader, were the main establishment force and benefactors behind the human slavery trade in the new world. Royals and Anglican Vicars and Bishop made personal fortunes from slavery. The land the Anglican church holds it does so by way of the wealth it gained via terrorism and evil, such as the slave trade.
Face up to that history and then get down on your knees and beg forgiveness for those bloody evil facts, mr Archbishop.

The evil history and reality of the Anglican Church
Two professors from the University of Sydney, Patrick Parkinson and Kim Oates suggested that there were enough similarities for the Anglican and Catholic churches to consider working together on child protection strategies.
Church of England and Anglican child abuse was ignored for decades

Is this Rowan Williams really so naive?, or is the Archbishop of Canterbury, cynically trying to divert attention from what lays hidden under his own filthy carpet?
Child abuse has gone unchecked in the Church of England for decades amid a cover up by Anglican bishops, secret papers have revealed.
Information that could have prevented abuse has been "lost or damaged", concerns about individuals have been ignored and allegations have not been recorded. It means that the Church has no idea how many paedophiles are in its midst.
Lawyers warned last night that the Church faces a crisis as catastrophic as the one that engulfed the Roman Catholic Church and cost it millions of pounds in damages.
The Church has been guilty of systemic failures on a large scale, according to the document. "Some records may have been lost or damaged," it says, adding that warnings from psychologists might also have been ignored.
Church of England child abuse was ignored for decades

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Irish Community Video

Irish Community Video

Major sex abuse uncovered in Anglican Church
Episcopal pastor admits molestation
Episcopalian child abusers

The Church of England, interference in Ireland.
The opinion of the Church of England has never been helpful in Ireland. The Church of England is seen here as the religion of crown convenience, that imposed itself upon Ireland with sword and flame. The Church of England that tried [and failed] to convert the surviving Irish through brutal colonial English laws of suppression. The Church of England that designed penal laws against freewill, proscribing any that dared to disagree with its impositions. The Penal laws invented by the shameless Church of England to steal Irish land and enslave the Irish.
Some of the discrimination faced by Irish Catholics and Presbyterians under the Penal Laws were-
* Exclusion of Catholics and Presbyterians from most public offices
* Ban on intermarriage with Protestants
* Presbyterian marriages were not legally recognised by the state
* Catholics barred from holding firearms or serving in the Crown armed forces
* Bar from membership in either the Parliament of Ireland or the Parliament of grate britain
* Disenfranchising Act 1728, exclusion from voting
* Exclusion from the legal professions and the judiciary
* Education Act 1695 - ban on foreign education
* Bar to Catholics entering Trinity College Dublin
* On a death by a Catholic, his legatee could benefit by conversion to the Church of Ireland
* Popery Act - Catholic inheritances of land were to be equally subdivided between all an owner's sons with the exception that if the eldest son and heir converted to Protestantism that he would become the one and only tenant of estate
* Ban on converting from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism on pain of forfeiting all property estates and legacy to the monarch of the time and remaining in prison at the monarch's pleasure. In addition, forfeiting the monarch's protection. No injury however atrocious could have any action brought against it or any reparation for such.
* Ban on Catholics buying land under a lease of more than 31 years
* Ban on custody of orphans being granted to Catholics on pain of 500 pounds that was to be donated to the Blue Coat hospital in Dublin.
* Ban on Catholics inheriting Protestant land
* Prohibition on Catholics owning a horse valued at over 5 (in order to keep horses suitable for military activity out of the majority's hands)
* Roman Catholic lay priests had to register to preach under the Registration Act 1704, but seminary priests and Bishops were not able to do so until 1778
* When allowed, new Catholic churches were to be built from wood, not stone, and away from main roads.
* 'No person of the popish religion shall publicly or in private houses teach school, or instruct youth in learning within this realm' upon pain of twenty pounds fine and three months in prison for every such offence.
* Any and all rewards not paid by the crown for alerting authorities of offences to be levied upon the Catholic populace within parish and county.
The Penal laws were ostensibly passed to displace Catholicism as the majority religion in Ireland, and although the Book of Common Prayer was first translated into Irish in 1608 there was no real desire to convert the majority population to Anglicanism or to proselytise in Irish until the 19th century. The lack of effort by the Protestant Ascendancy to actively convert the bulk of the population to Anglicanism, suggests an economic rationale a greater number of poor Protestants would mean a loss of income as they would have to be supported from the local church tithes which were the source of income for most clergymen.

The main intended effect of the Penal Laws was to ease the conversion or dispossession of the landed Irish and Catholic population. In 1641 Catholics had owned 60% of land in Ireland and by 1776 Catholic land ownership in Ireland stood at only 5%.
the laws have been given as a plausible reason to explain the poverty of the peasant Irish. The tithing system had the biggest impact on them, as they had to pay a percentage of a crop's value to the local Protestant clergyman.
Historians disagree over whether the Penal Laws were a tool of political as opposed to religious repression. Some argue [for instance Eamonn O Ciardha] that they were intended to make Catholics in Ireland powerless and to place landed and political power in Ireland in the hands of an English Anglican settler class, being based on ownership of land.

The shameless Anglicans, they even tried to bribe the starving Irish with soup during the famine.
The Church of the crown that stole our land and oversaw the attempted genocide of the Irish. It would go on to do this all over the world with the expanding British empire. The British empire that murdered and enslaved countless millions. the church of England directly benefited from murder of innocents, from theft of property, and from slavery.
The Church of the Crown and empire, who have never apologized for their evil acts on the largest scale.
No one knows the exact number murdered or enslaved by the British empire, but we do know that the number would be a multiple of tens of millions.

We in Ireland know we have problems, and we know that too many evil people have used our church for their own evil end. The very last place we would look for advice is from the shameless church of the British empire, that never has had any credibility here.

Most people accept that the British empire used & abused children historically as a policy.
But most people assume that British abuse was in the way distant past.

That assumption is false - the organized wide scale & systematic abuse of children was British empire policy in the 20th century right up until the 1970s. This was official Westminster British government policy.

Westminster organized Child abuse
Margaret Humphreys is a social worker, author and whistleblower from Nottingham, England. In 1987, she investigated and brought to public attention the British government program of forcibly relocating poor British children to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the former Rhodesia and other parts of the Commonwealth of Nations, often without their parents' knowledge. Children were often told their parents had died, and parents were told their children had been placed for adoption elsewhere in the UK. According to Humphreys, up to 150,000 children are believed to have been resettled under the scheme, some as young as three.
These tots were sent to build the Crown colonies. The queen of England is a shameless Billionaire who has lived well off the backs of all those abused.
Barnados and the Church of England/Ireland were main parties to this abuse.

Why should any nation take any notable criticism from - a empire that (by its own recent admittance) abused at least 150,000 of their own children by official Government policy in the 2oth century.
Children as young as 3 years old sent across the colonies into slavery and abuse. This was the cynical evil policy of the British empire up until the 1970s.
The 150,000 children known to have been abused, is only the headline, a exclusive and extremely conservative estimate of the total number of Children abused by the British Empire.
No native children who were murdered & abused in the business of the empire, have ever been counted.

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