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Foreign Immigrants to Ireland. Unprecedented levels.

       Foreign Immigrants to Ireland. Unprecedented levels. Foreign Immigrants to Ireland. Unprecedented levels. Information
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Sceala Philosopher
Location: Dublin

Sceala Irish Craic Forum Discussion:     Foreign Immigrants to Ireland. Unprecedented levels.

Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:32 pm

We all suspected that the Irish bankers were corrupt and overpaid. Too late, are we now so aware that they were not even credible, not qualified to the basics of running a bank.
The unqualified and overvalued virus, did not start and stop with the bankers.

If the overpaid and corrupt politicians, who claimed Ireland needed immigrants, were not lying to us, then they must have been unqualified.
If the overpaid politicians who claimed that large scale immigration was vital to Ireland, and so good for us, were not lying to us, then they must have been unqualified.
If the corrupt politicians who never spoke out against the unprecedented levels of immigrants to Ireland, were not deceiving us via their silence, then they must have been unqualified.
The lies about immigration to Ireland continues.
The vast majority of the native Irish now know that their politicians are overpaid and corrupt. That they deceived them with forecasts of how many immigrants were going to come to Ireland.

We all should know by now, that the same corrupt politicians tried to cover up their lies. We were told that foreign immigrants were now leaving Ireland in droves, there was nothing for us to worry about. The implied twist of these lies was, that we were losing out in their going.
Someone in authority, must have told lies to the media, including RTE. The media collectively told us - that immigrants were going home in their droves.
This was a lie.
Immigrants are not going home. Immigrants are bleeding dry the Irish welfare system, and diluting the standard of living for native Irish pensioners and Irish children alike.

Immigrants stay put despite recession
By Louise Hogan
Thursday July 01 2010
A MASSIVE 'exodus' of immigrants who made Ireland their home has not materialised due to the recession, new research has found.
However, unemployment has been rising faster amongst new EU member state migrants than amongst Irish workers, the study from the Trinity Immigration Research Programme revealed.

"With the recession, new mass immigration to Ireland has ended. However, contrary to some expectations, the immigrants have not gone home," said Professor James Wickham, chairman of the Trinity Immigration Initiative.
He said the findings of the report showed the past 10 years had "changed Ireland irreversibly into a much more diverse society".

Prof Wickham said a realistic migration policy was needed that was concerned with more than managing "labour supply".
Also, one of the biggest challenges posed by immigration is ensuring the children of immigrants can access mainstream education, the report said.
This comes as teachers warn against further erosion of English-language support for children.
Figures show the number of extra teaching support staff to help children whose first language is not English has been slashed by nearly 500 in primary schools over the past year.
Irish Independent

The same people who told us all the lies, or were not up to the task they were employed for, and overpaid,to do, are now telling us how, that they can sort out our economic and social problems. They have the answers to our problems, problems they made!
The people who either lied or were unqualified, the people who got us in this mess, are the same ones now telling us how to get out of it.

The unqualified making mistakes or telling lies, it is one or the other.
The Irish Small to Medium Enterprises association (ISME) predicted at its conference in November 2004 that more than 20,000 migrant workers would be needed every year to fill future job vacancies, particularly in the areas of construction, catering and food-processing and the hospitality sectors, and thus maintain economic growth.

In its Population and Labour Force Projection report for 2006-36, the Central Statistics Office suggests the State will continue to rely on strong inward migration to maintain economic growth. It forecasts that the economy will need 45,000 immigrant workers every year for the next 12 years to sustain economic growth.

This comes as a leading economist predicted that Ireland would have to gear itself for the arrival of as many as 160,000 immigrants over the next seven years, if the labour market requirements of the Government's �40bn National Plan were to be met.
Mr Colin Hunt, chief economist of Goodbody Stockbrokers, said his predictions assumed that the present rate of wholly unemployed people in the economy will have fallen from the present level of 5.2 per cent of the workforce to 4.2 per cent by the end of the plan. Despite this, he said, the opportunities and challenges that the plan offers will need a net inflow of as many as 23,000 workers a year for the seven years until 2006.

Green party lies or unqualified
Fine Gael and Fine Fail are the same, they know the truth. Unprecedented levels of immigrants to Ireland are not effecting their wealthy families, yet! People like them encouraged migrants in, so they could exploit them for less money they would have to pay a native Irish.

Out for the asylum-seeker vote.
Meath councillor Jimmy Fegan said: "Fianna Fail is caring, we are a socially conscious party and I think we can do it better than anybody else."
The request comes as a national debate begins over claims that Ireland will be flooded with thousands of Czech and Slovak Roma when the 10 new EU countries join.
However, senior Government officials have moved to dispel fears, saying the prospect of a deluge of immigrants is highly exaggerated.

Only a very few were qualified and not telling us lies.
as many as one in five people in Ireland will be foreign immigrants.

Most welfare fraudsters are foreign immigrants.
Over 20% on the Dole are foreign immigrants.
Over 30% collecting rent welfare are foreign immigrants.

These figures are indisputable facts from the government offices involved.
Take the immigrants out of the equation and Ireland will be fine.
Our free hand outs are so good, they all come here to collect dole and welfare.
This has got to stop, we can not afford to pay for non nationals and we do not want this many here anyway.
Everyone Irish I know is now anti these immigrants, they have taken us for a ride and laughing at us.

The vast majority > 72% of Irish people want to see a reduction in the number of non-Irish immigrants living here.
Irish Times /Behaviour Attitudes opinion poll.

Is it unreasonable for us to expect that Ireland be governed for the Irish first.
When will the Irish government protect their own native population?
What will make the Government act on our behalf?

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Foreign Immigrants to Ireland. Unprecedented levels.
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